The 5 Best Keyboard Apps For Easier Typing

Keyboards aren’t the most important aspect of a smart device, but they can certainly enhance your experience. While a standard keyboard can do what you want it to do, today’s cool keyboard apps can do even more.

These excellent keyboard apps not only speed up the process, but also enable features that OS-based keyboards don’t have.

The goal of technology is to make everyday tasks easy and convenient. One of the most important goals of technology is to provide, at most, diverse capabilities.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why cell phones have become so popular. But as more and more cell phone functions are adapted, the old 12-digit keypad is no longer sufficient.

Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine a smartphone without a QWERTY keyboard. With these top keyboard apps presented today, you will have a whole new typing experience.

Why do you need a custom keyboard application?

Smartphones suffered from many design flaws before they achieved the better look they have today. These days, we use floating keyboards and one-handed keyboards, and smooth keyword execution can make many tasks easier. In addition, features like autocorrect and auto-suggest are things we can’t live without.

The need for keyboard applications is reinforced by the fact that hackers now use keyloggers to store keystrokes. In this way, personal information such as passwords, bank details, PIN codes, etc. can be compromised.

To help you use the best keyboard apps, we have compiled a list of the best keyboard apps for Android and iOS smartphones that will give you the best functionality and protect your data.


The second application on our list is SwiftKey, which was developed by a Microsoft subsidiary. Its keyboard allows users to send emojis and GIFs. To speed up typing, the app constantly learns the user’s writing style, such as slang, nicknames and emoji.

The app has a flawless auto-forecast feature that provides useful forecasts. It also features tap to type, swipe to type keyboard, predictive emoji and GIF keyboard.

Notable features of the SwiftKey app:

  • Built-in emoji keyboard;
  • Select slider input or tap input;
  • AI-based spell checking and automatic text prediction;
  • Customize keyboard toolbar and more.


Gboard is the first app on our list of the best keyboard apps. It’s the most used keyboard app on Android and comes pre-installed on devices like Google Pixel. But that doesn’t overshadow its great features.

The text keyboard app is ad-free and there is no premium version of this app. All features are unlocked by default. Due to its popularity and ease of use among smartphone users, it can also be used to autocorrect devices.

Outstanding features of the best Gboard sliding keyboard app:

  • Sliding typing;
  • Voice input;
  • Gesture cursor control;
  • Sync with Google Translate and more.


The Fleksy app is more of a fun app that interacts intelligently with the user. It has over 50 colorful themes and innovative extensions for further customization. Some themes may cost $1, but most are free.

The app has its own GIF search engine that can recommend some of the best GIFs. It also supports 42 languages to cater to different regions.

Notable features of the Fleksy app:

  • Advanced autocorrection;
  • Powerful AI sync;
  • Customize keyboard themes;
  • Access other Fleksy apps and more.


All keyboard applications have a fixed color theme; however, many applications have the option to change the theme color. But with the Chrooma app, your keyboard will change color for each app that uses your keyboard. For example, if the user is using Twitter, the keyword will turn blue, while for Spotify it will turn green.

The text keyboard app offers a swipe up option, which is very simple and easy to delete short sentences. Chrooma also has a premium version for $6.99.

Chrooma app highlights:

  • Keyboard powered by intelligent artificial intelligence;
  • Advanced customization options;
  • Adaptive and colorful keyboard themes;
  • Specialized GIF tags to use and more.

Font Keyboard

Font Keyboard is an excellent addition for those who want to use amazing fonts to spice up their posts on different platforms and content in different apps.

Font Keyboard provides hundreds of cool fonts that you can use across all apps on your phone. From Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and more, you can now create custom text anywhere. This is a new keyboard app that is free and is seamlessly integrated with all popular apps and offers seamless integration with them.

Featured features of the font keyboard app:

  • 100+ awesome fonts.
  • Integrate with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok and more.
  • free
  • easy to use and intuitive
  • small fingerprint


From we hope that our article has been helpful and that you have been able to find your ideal app among the 5 best keyboard apps to type easier.