The 5 Best Reddit Apps For Android

People’s curious minds never like to stop learning new things. To get all your questions from a large community, you can try Reddit, the most popular network.

Basically, Reddit is a social news aggregation site with content ratings, discussions and text posts. Recently, the developers added Livestream through public network access.

However, to use Reddit, you don’t need to visit the site in the first place. You can use the best Reddit app for your Android device to get the best Reddit browsing experience.

Reddit has an official site, so you can try it without worries. Now, the question is, what’s the point of using other Reddit apps when you have the official app?

There are many features that you don’t get in the official app, but are available in other Reddit apps for Android. We list 5 apps and do our best to report their details here. We hope you find the one that works best for you.

Rif is fun for Reddit

Talk little brings to your Android device a handy Reddit app we call RIIf is fun for Reddit. The name may sound strange, but the app is not. However, the term RIF stands for “Reddit is fun”.

You need some sort of access to your internet connection, camera, location, etc. to use this app. However, this app makes using Reddit much easier and you will have a lot of fun using Reddit even without the interruption of ads.

Important features

  • The home page contains many options and you can select any section to explore.
  • There is a very active search option that finds exactly what you are looking for in a second.
  • This app provides day and night mode for better reading experience.
  • You can use this app on your tablet and smartphone without any ads.
  • This app finds all your favorite topics like pets, cooking, fashion and more.
  • You can sync this app with other devices and use the same account on different devices and even platforms.

Pros: the best part of this app is the kid-friendly comment collapse button, which you will initially find installed next to any comment.

Cons: Some users don’t like the user interface of the app.

Download on the Google Play

BaconReader for Reddit

Now you can browse the best content on Reddit with BaconReader. This comprehensive app will help you stay informed about politics, write tips, interesting content, post links and more.

Plus, it’s the easiest way for regular users, moderators and premium Reddit users. Plus, you get full support of moderator tools, including modifying posts, approving or deleting, spamming. Also, the application allows you to set your preferred font size from small to large.

Important features

  • The application supports list view, card view, slideshow mode and comes with a beautiful materialistic interface.
  • You can enjoy color-coded comment threads. In addition, it allows you to upload photos in the comment box.
  • There are different themes including light, dark and black background, you can choose any of them.
  • The drawing mode of the meme maker will help you create original content or modify any image.
  • The application allows you to rotate, scroll and subreddits seamlessly, and supports multiple reddits at the same time.
  • The app makes it easy to search for new content using the Random Subreddit feature.

Pros: It will have full support for user profiles and trophy boxes. Also, it supports multiple accounts and Reddit OAuth will keep your login secure.

Cons: It won’t allow you to zoom in on anything.

Download on the Google Play

Boost for reddit

Boost for Reddit has all the great features to make your Reddit browsing experience better than ever. The app will update you with the best content from popular social news sites.

Moreover, it comes with a Material Design UI where you can customize your browsing with image galleries, cards, mini cards, compact lists to move from one post to another. In addition, the app allows you to filter posts based on content type, such as text or link posts, images, videos, gif albums, etc.

Important features

  • The app allows you to download gifs, photos, videos, gifv, photo albums and sharing options.
  • You can customize your interface with thousands of themes, including light, dark and AMOLED.
  • You can choose any font, size and color to adjust the type of view you want.
  • Content filters will help you show or hide any particular post based on its content, such as images, videos, text or links.
  • You can use the volume keys to scroll down and there are buttons to navigate between comments.

Pros: The app allows you to save any album or select images, and you can bookmark any post to read it later. Also, it allows you to upload images in messages, comments or posts and create or edit multiple Reddits easily.

Download on the Google Play

Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit is considered to be the best Reddit app for your Android device due to the huge customization features. The app provides you with news, reviews, profiles and more.

You can enjoy the latest Reddit news through the Material Design interface. Instantly browse the color-coded reviews available. You will be notified of incoming posts. Also, you will get recommendations based on the most viewed subreddits. Plus, you can have different subreddits open in multiple windows at the same time.

Important features

  • You can enjoy high-quality professionalism in cards with text, video and image previews.
  • Here you get support for multiple accounts with OAuth secure login, multiple Reddit sync and subreddit sync.
  • The high-quality image viewer supports Image, Gallery, GIF, GIFV and Gfycat.
  • The integrated editing tool provides an advanced commit editor.
  • There is a night theme and AMOLED support.
  • When you send a new link, you can upload a link with an embedded photo.

Pros: you get full spoiler support for famous subreddits. Also, you can choose the font size according to your needs.

Cons: the app doesn’t have autoplay sound for videos in the feed.

Download on the Google Play

Relay for reddit

DBrady brings back what is widely known as the best Reddit app for Android, we call it Relay for Reddit. Here, you have spoiler support and can post replies directly from your inbox.

Advanced comment navigation with next/previous thread, IAMA, search word and more. If you don’t like certain subreddits, you can filter them out. Animation will give you a better impression.

Important features

  • Comments and links will load at the same time. You can switch from one to another with a swipe of your finger.
  • This application allows online preview of YouTube, images, gifs and even 5 HTML videos.
  • The moderator’s comprehensive features include fixed messages, differencing, user banning and more.
  • In addition to the night mode, you can also choose from different themes.
  • You can use and switch between multiple accounts here.
  • You will be notified about modification messages, mail and your modification queue.

Pros: you can customize the font size and style, and get left-handed vision support. In addition, the app provides high-quality thumbnails and a search function.

Cons: Some users have complained that images often load in dark tones.

Download on the Google Play


Reddit has millions of active members. So, when you ask something, someone has to be there to help you get an answer. In our lives, we often don’t know what kind of situation we will face.

So, if you have the best Reddit app for your Android device, you are about to get help in no time. I hope you understand why it is essential to have a Reddit app.