The BATTERY ICON DOES NOT appear in Windows 10 Solution

Having the battery icon in our taskbar is one of the most important resources when we work on a laptop because in this way we can always know how much energy we have available on our Laptop . And this is precisely the reason that has brought you to our tutorial website because you have noticed that the battery icon does not appear in Windows 10 , then we will tell you how to solve it easily and quickly .

Why Doesn’t My Battery Icon Appear In Windows 10?

Well, there may be several reasons, but if the Windows 10 battery icon does not appear, it is usually due to:

  • A bad configuration of the taskbar.
  • A specific error in the Windows operating system.
  • Problems with device manager.

Next we will tell you 2 methods to activate the battery icon in Windows 10 easily and quickly.

Solution No Battery Icon Appears in Windows 10

These 2 methods to show the battery symbol in Windows 10 on laptops are very effective, so I recommend applying both to solve this problem permanently .

Power Icon Locked In Windows 10 How to Activate it?

Enabling the battery icon in Win 10 is very simple, we just have to go down to “Start” and enter “Cortana” .

Once inside we must write “Activate or Deactivate system icons” , as indicated below and enter the result shown at the top.

We must enable the “Energy” tab to make the battery icon appear in Windows 10 .

Disappeared Battery Icon in Windows 10, Solution?

Hover your mouse over the Start button and right click and select “Device Manager” .

Once inside we will do the following:

  • We select “Batteries” .
  • We click on “Search for Hardware Changes” .

And this is what you must do to put the battery icon on the taskbar and solve the problems derived from it.

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