The battery of my tablet goes down very quickly Solution

A few years ago, the battery of a tablet was not very important because it was mainly used to play games or to watch series, but nowadays more and more people are working with it or using it in classes to take notes. These devices weigh much less than a laptop and if they are large they can have a similar screen, so working with a tablet will be very comfortable.

In these cases it is essential that the battery lasts all working hours, this does not always happen. Either because the tablet is old or because it has broken, it is very likely that with great luck it will last half the day, planned obsolescence has a lot to do with this…

In this article we are going to see why the tablet battery drains so quickly and how it can be solved in the simplest and fastest way.

Why does my tablet’s battery get low very fast? 2023

It is nothing new that tablets have problems with the battery, but these problems are accentuated over the years. The main reason why a tablet discharges quickly is because it tends to be misused. It is common for it to be left plugged in to the current all day and that considerably shortens its life, in addition this produces continuous overloads, nothing happens if we forget to disconnect it from the current on some days, but we must not abuse this bad practice.

Most of the new mobiles that come on the market integrate a fast charging system, in tablets it is much more complicated to include this system because the battery is larger and logically it has to take longer to charge. The problem when charging the battery also comes because the charge is not usually completed, this is usually due to the impatience of users to use it before it reaches 100%, and causes it to last much less.

Of course , taking care of the tablet’s battery from day one will extend its life.

My Tablet’s Battery Discharges Fast, What Can I Do? 2023

The solution to fix the tablet’s fast battery drain problem is quite simple, it involves avoiding all actions that consume a lot of energy. To prevent the tablet’s battery from discharging so quickly, you can do the following:

Do not use the tablet while it is plugged in

One of the most important recommendations from experts on this subject is that you wait for the tablet’s battery to reach between 5% and 10% charge, and then connect the device to the current and charge it to 100%.

Uninstall apps you don’t use

At one time you would install the app for some reason, but you don’t use it anymore and it takes up silly space on your tablet storage. The more applications, the more wear and tear and the more energy the tablet will consume, it requires more energy to perform the same action and that will consume more battery.

Do not disconnect the tablet to use it and reconnect it to the power

A very common practice that many users think helps the battery is to connect it to prevent the battery from being red, after a few minutes in which it is barely possible to charge a few figures, it is used again and then plugged in again.

This considerably reduces the life of the battery because it comes from the factory with a certain number of charges. If you spend a charge pretending that the battery doesn’t get too low and then use it again to recharge it, you are foolishly wasting two charges that you won’t be able to use.

Do not leave the tablet connected to the current while you sleep

This happens with practically any electronic device such as computers or mobile phones. It is not recommended that it be connected to the current all night because the battery can get hotter than it should and you will not notice.

It is preferable that you charge the device in any free time you have and let it reach 100% to disconnect it.

My Tablet Battery Doesn’t Last At All (More Tips) 2023

Before, a series of simple solutions have been shown that you can carry out in your day to day to extend the useful life of the tablet’s battery . It is very likely that in an old device in which you have been doing these bad practices from the first day there is no remedy, but it is highly recommended that you follow them to the letter with the new tablets because taking care of it from the beginning will be essential for lengthen your life.

Even so, there are other tips that do not have to do with bad practices but with settings of the device itself that will help you improve the performance of your battery . You can set the screen to lower the brightness or put it in automatic mode to adjust to the ambient light, disconnecting GPS and Bluetooth when not in use will also be very useful.

An option known as saving mode appears on all tablets , if you enable it from settings it will optimize battery use and calibrate brightness to consume as little as possible. Finally, you can also modify the wallpaper , a moving background can be a lot of fun, but the amount of battery it will consume will not be so much.

Keep in mind that all these tips will only be useful if the battery is in good condition. If, even so, the battery continues to discharge very quickly or takes a long time to charge, you should go to a specialized technician to analyze any physical problem.

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