The Best Apps For iOS

iOS is a very complete operating system that is a favorite of buyers all over the world. Devices like iPhone and iPad are equipped with stores to download many great, useful, necessary and perfect apps to customize our devices.

Although we know how hard it is to try all the suggestions, even though we have a store full of apps for every sense. So, before your visit, we want you to know the best iOS apps on the market.

The importance of installing good apps on iOS

Unlike Android, iOS adds a number of restrictions to its operating system, such as not allowing you to install apps that are not in the App Store or install them from other sources, such as the internal file manager. But this is all to protect your privacy and your data.

The fundamental importance of having good apps installed on iOS is reflected in that only then you can give more uses to your smartphone and take full advantage of its features, which are only available by downloading apps from the official get store.

However, sometimes the iOS defaults just don’t do what we want them to, so it comes with a full store that you can use to extend the functionality, although there are still some hurdles.

Types of iOS applications

What we can assure you is that on iOS you will find many excellent types of apps that are shared with you according to your chosen category. For example, you will come across sports apps, messaging apps, social networking apps and even image retouching apps.

At the same time, we can define other types of iOS apps based on the native nature of their code. A native application is an application designed to run under Apple’s operating system, but is not compatible with other options such as Android.

Check application compatibility

Therefore, there are two reasons why the app is not compatible with your smart device, such as:

Operating system version: the app store can detect the iOS version of your device, so in practice, this is not a problem, as the app store will only show you the options that actually apply to your device.

App type: some apps are not available for all operating systems. For example, Apple’s native apps only run on their devices and there is no parallel version for Android.

Must-have apps for iOS

The list of apps is growing every day, and the store seems to keep getting more suggestions than you can imagine, and that’s not counting those in development or in the process of being accepted. But these are the basic apps for your iOS:


If you like to read blogs, news sites or internet pages, Feedly is an app that helps you organize all your entries in the same space to always be updated.

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This is an application that helps you automate your common jobs through certain commands and sequences. In other words, it is an application that increases your productivity.

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A tool for note taking, creative writing, storytelling and other cool features for iOS devices. You can use it for free from the App Store.

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Never again will you have to get stuck in traffic thanks to Waze, an app designed to use your GPS to show you in real time where traffic is congested, offer alternative routes and more.

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Most popular iPhone applications

But we know that popularity is determined by users, not by the effectiveness of the application. So, due to the number of positive reviews, these are the most popular iPhone apps:


The social network, which has become a universal platform, must also be present on competing mobiles. The design of the iOS app is similar to Android, with some improvements.

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Listening to music and downloading your favorite albums has never been easier. It is a spectacular platform with tracks from artists of the moment – you can listen to them at any time!

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It’s impossible to dismiss the streaming giant. In fact, it’s one of the best iOS apps for implementing features that aren’t available on other platforms.

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Applications for photography

Image editing and retouching your photos has a special section in the App Store. Our digital social lives would be more complicated if we couldn’t edit posts before uploading them, so these are the best tips.


Originally, iMovie was designed for Apple desktop computers. But now you have an iPhone version with which you can edit videos like a pro, including movies and clips.

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Instagram’s favorite big sister is called Boomerang. This app is great for creating gifs or special videos with amazing rewind effects.

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Retrica has actually been put on the back burner by the picky ones, but it’s still a great recommendation for anyone who likes to edit high-quality photos with creepy filters.

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Instant messaging and social networking applications

We use instant messaging every day to communicate with family, friends and work groups, but social networks are also an excellent way to communicate, so you should download:


Updates are almost always released for the iOS version of Instagram, adding all the latest improvements, as the operating system has a more demanding audience than Android.

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From WhatsApp, there is no excuse anymore to send messages to your loved ones. The opportunity to share multimedia files, send unlimited messages and make voice calls makes it one of the best apps for iOS.

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Yes, we are also obsessed with Snapchat filters, and the iOS version is more complete than the one released on Android. This app can also be used as a full-fledged messenger.

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Sports or fitness applications

Thanks to the many powerful tools that our smartphones provide us with, we no longer need to buy wristbands or smartwatches to do physical activity or train, as these apps are enough:


A personal trainer will guide you through physical activity. Its main sources are races and marathons, and you will have all the basic data to evaluate your performance.

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There’s nothing like a good training video. Sworkit tracks all your workouts with videos that you can use to get your workouts right or customize them.

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Jefit Workout

Use Jefit Workout to better organize your workout routine. Now you can create them according to your own plan and improve your skills.

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If you need to lose those extra pounds, MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps for iOS to count calories and lose weight fast.

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Time and utility management applications

It is important that you learn to make the most of the time of day, dividing daily tasks into categories and subtasks. Additionally, you should download the following applications:

Things 3

A perfect app to organize all your tasks during the day with properly categorized tasks.

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Taking notes in Evernote is on another level, of that you can be sure. This is the perfect application to perform all activities in a very selective record.

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Another email client for iOS can be useful. So, Spark will work perfectly with the sleek design and additional tools.

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