The best free audio converters – top 10

Changing the format of a sound file is not a big deal. In the old days, it was necessary to download a program and install it on the computer, but nowadays it is enough to visit a website and do the whole process online.

This means that the download and installation process on our PC is not required. In this way, we avoid any type of virus infection on our computer and we keep the procedure in the cloud.

Likewise, security levels have been increased with the support of these companies that offer the conversion service. In search of offering you the best options, we have compiled a top 10 of the best websites to convert audio formats.

Best sites to change audio file format

On the Internet there are a wide variety of websites that offer this service, but often invasive advertising makes us abandon them quickly, thinking about the existence of any virus.

In this list, we have made a choice of the house, but we will also provide you with other options so that you can decide which is the best according to your needs. Check out these websites to convert audio files to mp3.

  1. mp3 converting

First up is this online audio converter which is the choice of the house for its benefits. It is a platform with simple steps and very intuitive.

The process of converting a file to mp3 is relatively quick and you won’t be bombarded with many ads, which is always applauded. Likewise, they are committed to protecting the content of your audio and not disclosing it.

This happens, thanks to the fact that they have encryption that prevents any personal data from being lost in the process.

Also, for those looking to convert a video to audio , the web makes the change in a few minutes, leaving great results.

  1. Free Mp3 Wma Converter

It is a very intuitive and easy to use video to mp3 converter . Among its features, the option to download to your PC stands out.

  1. VSDC Free Audio Converter

It is a powerful audio format converter that will allow you to carry out the process in moments through its website. This is quite simple, design that allows you to know it quickly.

  1. Audials Tunebite Platinum

Another great option. Very similar to the first two websites mentioned in this top. Their platform is modern and works at great speed.

  1. FileZigZag

It appears in many tops and this is due to its smooth operation and a process with few steps, but effective.

  1. Xilisoft Audio Converter

Without a doubt, it is an option that could be used instead of any mentioned so far. The company offers the service online and with data protection.

  1. AVS Audio Converter

It is an option similar to the rest. It works without any hassle and gives very good results in our purpose of converting the audio format.

  1. Pazera Free Audio Extractor

We are nearing the end and we find Pazera Free Aaudio Extractor. It will help you to extract the audio from a video and obtain the mp3 format.

  1. Free WMA to MP3 Converter

It is a free converter that allows you to carry out the process in a few steps. Your website is clear and precise.

  1. JS Audio Converter

In last place is JS Audio Converter. But this is not why it is the worst option, just that someone had to occupy the last place.

If you enter their website, do not hesitate to convert your audio format.

How do you use Mp3converting?

For us, Mp3converting is one of the best options for its clean design and the use of respectful ads that do not jump and open pages without warning.

For this reason, we offer you the steps to follow to use it:

  • Enter your website
  • Attach the file to convert.
  • Choose the format between mp3, Android audio, iPhone audio, PC audio and M4A.
  • Adjust the sound quality between: 64 kbps, 128 kbps and 320 kbps.
  • Convert the file and receive a processed one with an .mp3 extension.
  • Repeat the process with the button that says “Convert more files”.

There is no doubt that these are the best 10 websites to convert audio files in a few seconds. The final choice will depend on you, but our recommendation is mp3converting.