The best multimedia experience with MediaPortal

There are many ways to manage media files hosted on a PC, there are several standalone applications that take care of it, but how about having a control center that allows you to manage everything from one place?

MediaPortal is an open source application that takes care of it, it allows you to turn your computer into a multimedia center, in what is known as a Home Theater PC . We have already talked about this tool on other occasions and today we do it again having experienced an update.

Video and audio playback

With MediaPortal it is possible to watch and record television programs (if you have a TV tuner), play videos, DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as listen to your entire music collection, view photos, or play home videos, among other options. It is not the only existing application to play videos and audio , but its features mark it as special.

Support for keyboard, mouse and remote controls

The program uses a very easy to use interface, controllable with the keyboard, the mouse or through compatible remote controls. You can select a theme, the one you like best, among all those offered. It is also possible to download skins from the portal that supports the application.

RSS feeds, stations, weather and news

MediaPortal not only supports the management of movies, photos and audio files, it also allows you to use FM or web-hosted stations. With this application you can also use what RSS feeds and some games offer, included in the application and others downloadable as extensions or add-ons. It is also possible to browse the weather and the latest news.

Support of plugins, mobile devices and inclusion of codecs

The program also includes support for various plugins, remote access via web browser and Android and iOS mobile devices, IMDB integration or burning CDs. It also implements a function to install codecs, which are needed to play many video and audio files. And there are still more…


Your options include the following:

  • Watch, schedule and record live TV.
  • Play videos, movies, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • Listen to music and radio.
  • Enjoy photos, home videos or create a slideshow.
  • Stream media, radio and TV to any HTPC/PC connected to your network.
  • Use a remote to control your HTPC from the couch.
  • Check the weather, news and more.
  • Access MediaPortal from the web or from a mobile device.


As we have indicated, MediaPortal is an open source application. It is free and works on the latest versions of Windows. To get it you have to access MediaPortal .