The best way to track an Android phone (and an iPhone)

All, or almost all of us today use a mobile phone as part of our necessary elements. We take it everywhere and there are also some people who sleep with it attached to their side. We don’t want to lose anything. We not only use it to manage the well-known instant messaging apps, to connect directly with friends through calls, or to view and share messages on social networks, among other actions.

It is very important to have an Android mobile to be able to establish parental control measures on it. for this it is necessary to have an application like KidsGuard Pro . With it it is possible to establish Android to monitor loved ones. (There is also an app with similar features for iOS devices.)

But there is still more. Something that must be taken into account is the possibility of tracking photos and all kinds of images on iPhone. With this it will be possible to see all the information they contain and share it with other people in different media.

How to track a mobile phone?

You just lost your Android phone (or your iPhone) and you don’t know what to do. You are totally desperate. If you attend to the proposal that we have made in the second paragraph, you will live more calmly. Using the GPS or Wi-Fi location tracking technology built into all smartphones it is possible to find the locations in real time.

In addition, in the event that the user of the phone is your child, it is possible to set a field of action, a space in which he can move and, in the event that he goes outside the indicated limits, receive an alert. The same happens if it falls within what is marked.

Another of the options offered by the aforementioned app is the possibility of accessing contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, browser history and some other elements. All this will be saved in a registry inside the device. There is also the possibility of saving and exporting the indicated data whenever you want.

And there are still more. Using the remote control option it is possible to use a significant number of functions without anyone knowing. Thus, for example, it is possible to record phone calls, take pictures without the person carrying the phone knowing, or take screenshots.

How to start tracking and monitoring?

To start using KidsGuard Pro, all you have to do is install it on the destination device and start the configuration process, which is not difficult at all. These are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up and get a plan : You just have to write or indicate an email account, proceed to the purchase in order to activate the product and receive the download link.
  • Install on target device : KidsGuard Pro needs to be installed on the mobile phone to be tracked.
  • Protect and monitor remotely : It will now be possible to see the activities carried out on the remote device in the web control panel.

As we can see, any user can launch this app without complications. It is not necessary to have deep knowledge to bring everything to a good end.

View photos on other phones

Privacy is something to take into account, but there are cases in which control is necessary, as we have implied in what was previously written. Thus, among the different cases to take into account, we must take into consideration the following: parents can access their children’s mobile phones and see the photos, and company managers can monitor the photos transferred to their employees.

There is also the possibility of viewing photos, remotely, of different people, in addition to those already indicated, as long as the relevant application is installed, for iPhone or Android. Using the KidsGuard Pro monitoring app it is also possible to view other people’s photos.

Using KidsGuard Pro on iOS

As we have implied, KidsGuard Pro allows, in addition to doing everything we have indicated in Android, to be carried out in iOS. To do this you must do the following:

  • Do the same as we did for Android, that is, create and activate an account for KidsGuard Pro .
  • Choose a stock plan among those offered to us and proceed with your purchase. You only have to follow an assistant to put within our reach everything that is going to be given to us.
  • Install the KidsGuard Pro app for iOS on the computer that we are going to use for monitoring.
  • Connect the iOS device, the iPhone, with the computer through a USB cable. This will get the data we want. In addition, if both the computer and the mobile device are close and connected to the same WiFi network, the connection for monitoring can be established through it.


After doing a cursory analysis of the indicated application or applications, there will be people who doubt the privacy capabilities they offer. It is clear that its use makes sense when the tracked and monitored mobile belongs to someone who knows it and agrees with what is being done.

There is no doubt about the high performance offered by the aforementioned application, both for Android and iOS. We also recommend calmly reading the article linked in the third paragraph.

It is clear that with KidsGuard Pro we will be able to monitor the files of a large number of applications for mobile devices, more than thirty. It is also an application that cannot be detected, since remote monitoring has everything necessary for it.

To achieve everything indicated on mobiles it is necessary, in most cases, to root the device, but with KidsGuard Pro this is not necessary. The application or app takes care of everything using what is included in the operating system. You just have to start and, in a short period of time, we will have everything fully operational.

If you still have doubts, start by testing the application and discover everything it offers. I am sure that you will immediately proceed with your purchase to satisfy your needs.