The big risks that accompany keyloggers

Keyloggers are a notable risk for all of us who use computers or mobile devices. There have always been spies, or simply curious, who try to find out the data that corresponds to some elements, such as credit and/or debit cards, belonging to other people.

Thus, when the card is inserted in an ATM or in the POS of any establishment, there may be one of these people placed behind our back who tries to see what is the PIN that we type in the terminal. The purpose they pursue with this is to appropriate the card to later use it for criminal purposes.

Programs to spy on keystrokes

Something similar happens on computers, and also on mobile devices, even though the cybercriminal is not behind our backs. Without the computer user knowing it, a keylogger is installed , that is, a program capable of detecting the keystrokes of the classic keyboard or of modern touch pads , or similar. The keylogger takes care not only of taking note of everything that is typed but also of transmitting it to the person who installed it on the computer.

When a keylogger is active, the risks are very great, our privacy is highly attacked. The program or application that supports it is not only capable of storing usernames and passwords for email accounts or access to social networks, but it can also, in many cases, find out the access data to bank accounts and those that correspond to credit cards. Anyone can imagine the consequences of all this.

Avoid installing  keyloggers

I have already pointed out that keyloggers are not easily detectable, what can be avoided, in many cases, is their installation. We must try by all means not to click on the links that are sent to us in email messages, in messaging applications, that are inserted in web pages (especially when they appear in pop-up windows), among other possibilities. If we do, if we click, we run the risk of this type of malware being installed on our computer or mobile device.

To avoid this type of infection, it is necessary to take the appropriate measures and use tools that are dedicated to fighting against them, eliminating them if they are installed on the computer. We recommend that you read  UVK (Ultra Virus Killer), to protect your computer and  Elite KeyLogger, to record browsing on macOS and Windows , and act accordingly.