The Youtube Application Has STOPPED SOLUTION?

If you are here it is because the YouTube application has stopped and you are looking for a solution . Don’t worry, in MrAppsGeek we will tell you why it has stopped and best of all… how it can be solved easily and quickly .

Why Does It Say The YouTube Application Has Stopped?

Although sometimes it is usually due to a compatibility failure or problems connecting to the servers, although in 90% of cases when the “YouTube application has stopped” message appears, it is because the app has information it needs be updated . It is likely that you have not restarted the phone for days and it has generated a problem with the cache , thus giving you this type of error, do not worry, the solution is very simple .

The YouTube app has stopped and won’t let me do anything

If the “Unfortunately YouTube has stopped” message does not go away, don’t worry, we are going to see 3 solutions below, follow them in the order in which they appear, some of them are very obvious but… necessary.

Fix YouTube App Has Stopped

Are you ready to fix the problem with YouTube ? Remember to follow the solutions in the order they appear.

Reboot Device

Do not leave the tutorial, restarting the device solves this type of problem in most cases , you lose nothing by trying it and it will only take 30 seconds. If after the restart YouTube has unfortunately stopped , move on to the next solution.

Clear YouTube Data And Cache

This method works in most cases and I’m almost sure it will also solve your problem. This is something we already saw in tutorials like:

Basically what we do is delete all the cache and all the internal data of the YouTube application , leaving it practically as we had it the first time we downloaded it. To do this, the first thing we must do is go to “Settings” .

Once inside we look for the section that says “Applications and Notifications” or simply “Applications” (this can vary from one terminal to another) and we enter inside.

Now among all the applications we must look for the “YouTube” one , we enter inside.

Once inside we will see a menu with the following sections:

  • notifications.
  • permissions.
  • Storage.
  • Data usage.
  • Advanced.

Of all the options, the one that interests us the most is “Storage” , we enter inside.

Once inside we must “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage”, do it without fear, we will not delete our account or anything like that , we will only delete all the data that the YouTube application has saved and that causes the error.

Finally we restart our terminal and re-enter the YouTube application normally. If this method doesn’t work for you, try the next one.

Format Your Terminal

If the above solution failed and YouTube app has stopped unexpectedly , I’m sorry but the only solution left for you is to format your device. Remember to make a complete Android backup as you will lose all your data . Here is a tutorial so you can see how it is done.

If you have any questions with this tutorial you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks if it has been useful , please, that would help me a lot… thank you!