If you are here it is because you are receiving the error message This website cannot provide a secure connection and you want to know what it is and how to fix it . I invite you to stay here to see the possible solutions.

Why does the message This Website CANNOT Provide A SECURE CONNECTION appear?

It is not known for sure what is the origin of this error message since there are multiple causes that produce it . However, at we will see the most efficient solutions to fix this error message .

This Website Cannot Provide A Secure Connection Chrome Solution

This message has many variants which have their respective solutions. Some of these messages can say the following:

  • This website cannot provide a secure connection err_ssl_protocol_error.
  • err_bad_ssl_client_auth_cert.
  • err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch.
  • A secure hotmail connection cannot be provided.
  • Problems with a secure connection

Next we will give a series of solutions to these error messages , remember that if it is not solved with one, go to the next one.

Adjust The Date And Time Of Our PC

This, as a general rule, is usually the most common cause of this error since security certificates have an expiration date, so if we have the date and time configured incorrectly on our PC, it will give us this message. Solving it is extremely simple, we just have to go to the bottom right where the date is and press the right mouse button and we will click where it says “Adjust Date And Time” .

Now in the “Date And Time” section we can select “Set Time Automatically” or “Manually” .

We select the current time and date and click on “Change” .

Clear Browser Cache

This is one of the most effective solutions to remove this error message , then I leave you a tutorial where I show you   how to clear the Google Chrome cache , apart from that you can consult the following step-by-step explanatory video.

Disable Web Antivirus Protection

Another way to fix the This website cannot provide a secure connection  message is by disabling your antivirus shields, specifically the Web access protection shields . Here is a tutorial on how to temporarily disable AVAST in Windows , along with a step-by-step video. This method is very effective when you receive the message of problems with a secure connection on .


This type of security error is usually linked (in most cases) to a misapplied security SSL certificate . To solve it and enter the website we just have to follow these steps:

  1. We enter “Advanced Settings”.
  2. Access “Not Secure Site”.

Have you removed the message this website cannot provide a secure connection  with this tutorial? make tutorials like this one.