TickTick, cross-platform calendar and task manager

Being able to have an app as a task manager and keep our calendar up to date on our mobile device or an application on our computer is appreciated. TickTick takes care of it and offers great features. It is not only a task manager but also allows you to keep an eye on their calendar.

It is a free tool that offers great benefits. We can say that it works on all mobile devices and computers by downloading the app or the corresponding application. It also allows you to install it as a plugin in web browsers.

TickTick Features

Among the features offered by this application are the following:

  • Allows you to create widgets for easy access.
  • Recurring and flexible tasks can be set.
  • Supports creating checklists.
  • It is possible to share task lists to establish collaborations.
  • Tasks can be added via email.
  • Allows you to upload attachments to tasks.
  • Supports integration with calendar applications.
  • It is able to classify tasks with tabulations.
  • It includes more features to help you focus and improve your productivity.
  • Displays an instant reminder of time and location.
  • Supports four priority levels.
  • Different management options can be configured: order, date, name and priority.

To consider

It is an ideal tool for all types of users. One of the outstanding features of TickTick is its ability to maintain synchronization between different platforms, more than ten.

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

Back in 2010, the founding team started the effort with an Android app called GTasks, which syncs with Google Tasks. At the time, the app was listed as “one of the best to-do list apps” on the Google Play Store. In 2013, we officially launched TickTick. This new app is derived from GTasks, but has much more functionality and can sync across multiple platforms.

If we access the TickTick download page we will see that the currently active versions of the application are the following: computers with macOS and Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices, add-ons or extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Gmail and Outlook . It can also be used directly on the Web, from any browser.

In addition to adding tasks using traditional methods, it is also possible to do so using voice messages, the Siri program, typical of iOS and Mac computers, or convert email messages into tasks.


To know all the features of this tool you have to access TickTick . It is, as we have already said, a free application that offers purchases within it. Among the languages ​​it includes is Spanish.