Tik Tok The Most AWESOME Video And Selfie Maker App

Lately every time I use Appflix I see that a very curious application called Tik Tok is being advertised a lot . As I’m very gossipy, yesterday I decided to install it and the truth is that it stuck with me for a good part of the afternoon having a good time with this great application to take videos and selfies since it’s AWESOME as well as being very fun . So prepare yourself very well because today in The MrAppsGeek we will talk at length about this application that is in fashion.

TIK TOK What is it and what is it for?

TIK TOK is an application that is causing a sensation among Asians but little by little it has been installed in the West and is here to stay. The purpose of TIK TOK is to offer fun videos of selfies in 15 seconds , it may seem like a short time but thanks to this limit the genius of the community is triggered by offering us videos as incredible as the TIK TOK sleight of hand .

What does TIK TOK mean in Spanish?

The original name of the app was “Douyin” which means “shake the music” in Chinese.

How to make a video in TIK TOK 2019?

If what you want is to know how to make a video on TIK TOK , here is a tutorial from the Laura Ally channel that shows how to use this application to make 15-second video selfies with effects .

How to give likes or hearts in TIK TOK?

In the TIK TOK application there is a very fun voting system that works by giving hearts (the equivalent of likes), thanks to these hearts, TIK TOK videos will have a better chance of being visible, so you may be wondering how give hearts in TIK TOK? Well, it’s something very simple. To give hearts in TIK TOK you just have to press 1 times or touch the video you like and a heart will appear.

How to see the video profile of a TIK TOK user?

It is also possible that you see a TIK TOK video that you find very funny and want to see more videos of that profile , because this is something very simple, we just have to click on the profile photo in the middle on the right .

In this way we will have access to all the videos of a TIK TOK profile .

TIK TOK Download 2019

You can download TIK TOK APK for free directly from Google play at the following link .

How many downloads does Tik Tok have?

It has a whopping over 100 million downloads .

How much space does it occupy?

It only occupies 70 megabytes , yes, as we view more and more video it will take up much more memory.

Download Tik Tok Videos

To download the Tik Tok videos, we just have to click on the social network icon in the lower right part .

We will click on “Save Video” and that’s it, we already know how to download videos from Tik Tok .

TIK TOK Effects

If there is something that TIK TOK is famous for, it is for its effects and its songs , here I leave you a series of videos of very funny TIK TOK effects .

Sleight of Hand TIK TOK

This is one of the most difficult effects to achieve.


DiDi Dance Challenge TIK TOK

The DiDi Dance Challenge is another of the most famous dance challenges on TIK TOK .


Challenge To Take Off Clothes TIK TOK

This is an Asian challenge to take off their clothes on TIK TOK obviously… nobody takes it off .

TIK TOK Cream Challenge

This is also one of the most popular. It consists of an ugly boy or a horrible girl applying cream and then having an incredible beauty .

Clothes Swap Challenge In TIK TOK

This TIK TOK challenge consists of changing clothes while dancing to a song… very fun!


How to Speed ​​Up or Slow Down a Tik Tok Video

To slow down or speed up a video in this application , we just have to select the “+” icon below.

Then we select the timer icon at the top right and then at the bottom we will speed up or slow down our recording .

How to Make a Duet on Tik Tok

One of the most interesting options that Tik Tok offers us is to be able to challenge someone to dance in a video , in this way we can do a duet dance with other people.

How to dance as a couple on Tik Tok?

The first thing that we must take into account to make a duet in Tik Tok is to click on the bottom right where the icon for sharing on social networks is .

Now we select the “Duo” option .

We will press the button to record the video and we can even apply fun visual effects . Keep in mind that you should imitate your rival by dancing to the best of your ability .

And this would be the fun result of dancing a duet on Tik Tok .

If you liked this application to take selfies in 15 seconds with effects and music, leave me a comment with your montages and I’ll upload them to this article. You have at your disposal the different buttons to share this content, thank you very much and have a great day.