Top 6 Best Free Apps For Mac

MacOS computers offer us a range of possibilities that not even Windows still offers. For one thing, these computers are usually much more powerful than any competing PC, but they also have a lot of software already installed by default to make our lives easier. If you still want to get the most out of your computer, now is the time to look at some free Mac apps.

We know that Apple has its own computer app store, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the free Mac apps that are getting the best results from users. We can not always spend money on programs, but if there are thousands of utilities that can be installed for free on your computer, from we tell you all the details and its main features.


If you are one of those people who use the audiovisual content version, Audacity should probably be on your list of installed applications. This program has been on the market for many years, not only for Mac computers, but also for Windows and Linux. It works like a professional recording, mixing and editing studio. It can be used to edit individual songs, create Internet podcasts and even enhance video audio.

Audacity is also notable for its wide range of tools dedicated to audio and sound enhancement. For example, you can split an audio track into several channels, separating the audio track from the pre-recorded vocals. While if you want to add your voice to the background sound, you can easily use the record menu and connect a microphone to the device. It adapts to MacOS features and provides us with a clean and elegant interface version.

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There are people who are dedicated to the field of photography, and a powerful editor like Darktable will save you a lot of trouble. We can say that it is based on the free version of Adobe Lightroom, since its interface and tools are very similar. However, the particularity of its system is that it is designed under free code, so you can use it without paying a cent. As for its tools, it has a range of effects and retouches focused on photographic lighting.

On the one hand, capturing the RAW breakdown will help you give a better level to all your photos in this format. This way, you will be able to easily increase brightness and lighting, improve multiple shadows that appear in your photos and add those highlights you think should stand out. Its menus are very easy to understand, and although it was designed for MacOS, you can also use it on Windows computers and several versions of Linux.

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DaVinci Resolve

Video editing is also an important consideration on a Mac. Adobe After Effects and Premiere are good choices, but you must pay for them. Therefore, the closest alternative is DaVinci Resolve. First of all, this tool comes with a paid premium version with all tools unlocked, including HDR filter stabilizer, a variety of grainy and hazy visual effects, and other nice options.

But at the same time, DaVinci Resolve gives us a free version, although it has some limitations and locked features, we can use it to perform various video and audio-visual editing and retouching. It consists of video effects and tools designed for additional sound, audio and voice. Its interface is so simple and easy to understand that you can install it on most MacOS computers, it stands out among the free applications for MAC.

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We can’t leave out Flume, an application that lets you manage your Instagram account on your computer, with all the basic features and functions of a smartphone app. First, you’ll be able to log in to multiple accounts and take advantage of on-screen notifications, letting you know when you receive a direct message or when someone leaves a comment. In fact, there are very good analytics tools to try out.

At the same time, Flume’s interface is slightly different from what we see on mobile or web versions of social networks, because it is an innovative, but unofficial platform. Best of all, it is part of the free apps for Mac because you don’t have to pay to use it, and it is also compatible with system tools such as File Manager or Apple Maps. If you want to upload images and videos from your PC, all you have to do is press the select button and apply the filter.

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The built-in player in our Mac is good, but we can also try other options such as IINA, a powerful software designed to play multimedia files, but with many improvements. The application has a nice interface and also applies its own night mode to take care of our eyesight. Now, the best thing is that you can play YouTube videos in 4K, because it is even better than Safari as a client for that platform.

As if that wasn’t enough, IINA supports most of the video and audio formats available today. From Mp4, Avi and WKV, to MP3, WMA and other options. The subtitle tool not only lets you edit the typography or do some customization, but also connects you to a server to search and download them for free. Besides, since it is one of the free applications for MAC, it is designed under open source, that is to say, free code.

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Surely you have heard of jDownloader, one of the best programs to manage downloads on your computer. In fact, this application can subtly speed up all downloads, since you can also download a large file divided into several files, and it will take care of joining them together. You can even download videos directly from YouTube, simply copy the link and paste it on the platform.

If you are still not convinced, we tell you that jDownloader has been on the market for many years and is becoming increasingly popular due to its compatibility with different torrents. If you want to synchronize your Mega or other cloud accounts, all you have to do is add a password and you can manage your files from there. In addition, the application can speed up downloads by changing the Internet settings and automatically detects links as soon as they are saved to the clipboard.

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Mac computers are some of the best and most powerful computers on the market, but they also have quite a few programs to try. In this list, we prefer to organize the best and most useful free Mac apps because they are useful for the tasks we perform on a daily basis. Although by visiting the official app store or searching the alternatives offered by the web, you can find more suggestions that suit you.

However, at the moment you can only download the listed apps directly from the developer’s official website. Although you can easily find them by clicking on the link below each proposal. If you think we should add any other software of interest to the reviews, let us know in the comments and we will consider adding it. We hope you enjoyed our TOP 6 best free apps for MAC.