Top 9 Freeware for Windows to Convert JPG to PDF

Well, no matter what reason you have for transforming JPG images to PDF, you should have adopted the perfect software to get optimal results. Although there are countless image to PDF converter software that allows you to convert JPG to PDF, exploring the best one is a difficult task.

Therefore, we have created this post for your convenience, here you can find the best software that allows you to convert images to PDF files without quality loss.

Did you know!

Now, it’s easier to store (combine) multiple images in a separate source PDF document file format. You can even now convert multiple images into a single PDF for free. Yes, source provided a free image to PDF converter through which you can convert JPG to PDF on all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux and more). And it even allows you to export images as PDF files online on all devices without affecting quality.

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1. ImBatch

ImBatch is known as an impressive application that allows you to process conversions of different image formats and even allows you to change JPG to PDF quickly. The advantage is that it works quickly and helps you add multiple tasks to the list.

Even this photo to PDF converter software allows you to transform multiple images into a single PDF or allows you to save each image as a separate PDF file. It allows you to add metadata to the PDF file before starting the batch process. Furthermore, this handy software is loaded with several features to choose from and you can even do a combination of tasks according to your preference. All you need to select the “Save to PDF” command is to use the “Save” task button for the selected images.

2. Atop Free JPG to PDF Converter

It is stated as an easy-to-use JPG to PDF image converter that does not involve any complicated steps to convert JPG to PDF. It helps you to add files or folders to your list to fulfill the conversion purpose. Even now you can easily reorder the image files according to your needs. This software also allows you to create a single PDF file from the multiple JPG images you selected. Furthermore, it allows you to change the output file name and even the output directory as per your needs. It only allows you to process the conversion for JPG or JPEG image format only.

3.JPG to PDF

As the name reveals, this software is the best way to convert JPG to PDF within an image. Although it consists of a simple interface, it provides you with fast image to PDF conversions. You can add a single file at a time or even multiple files from the selected folder to process batch conversions. It not only allows you to convert JPG to PDF, but you can also easily reorder JPG images.

Also, it allows you to change its settings to quickly create each JPG as an individual PDF or multiple images in a single PDF. This image conversion software supports different formats such as TIF, BMP, GIF, and PNG.


Sheet is known as an easy to use photo to PDF program that takes a couple of seconds to convert JPG to PDF. The good thing is that now you can easily apply various effects before uploading any image. Don’t worry, you can easily repaint them back to their original color later.

All you need to do is drag and drop the image file to its main interface and paint it or just apply your preferred effect. Once you are done with everything, instantly click on the “Save as PDF” button to save your PDF file.

5. JPG to PDF Converter

Now you can easily convert JPG to PDF document format with the best and free assistance of this JPG to PDF converter software. You only need a couple of clicks to add files or folders to your list for image conversions. The advantage is that it does not require Adobe Acrobat to proceed with the conversion task. You can even make a selection for the same or different output folder for the converted PDFs. Even batch JPG to PDF conversions are just a couple of steps away, but remember that this photo to PDF converter only creates one PDF file per JPG image.

6. HeliosPaint

HeliosPaint is considered as one of the best image editing software that even allows you to convert JPG to PDF for free. Try right away this software that quickly opens JPG images and converts them to PDF with the help of “Export to PDF” feature.

The most apparent reason to use this converter app is that it transforms JPG and other image formats into PDF files easily while keeping the quality high. Yes, now you can choose 100% or 75% JPEG conversion. Apart from that, this image to PDF converter also includes different image editing features. It is said to be the best helper to convert JPG to PDF with high quality.

7.Artweaver Free

Artweaver is the best way to convert JPG to PDF and it even supports different image formats like (PNG, PCX, BMP, TIF and more). Just open the JPG image through this program and simply start using the Export -> PDF command from the File menu source. Remember that this will allow you to convert an image to PDF (does not work for batch image to PDF conversions).

8.JPG_to_PDF alpha

You may find that it is one of the splendid utilities that allows you to convert JPG to PDF files that are presented in the folder. If you want to change your current folder of JPG images to a single standalone PDF file, simply paste the Executable into your current folder and just run it. The advantage here is that a PDF document file with the name of the current folder will be generated in a matter of seconds. Also, you can continue this useful JPG to PDF converter by double-clicking it right now.


JP2 is a Java-based program that works best for converting JPG to PDF, it even allows you to convert BMP and/or PNG images into a single PDF document file by merging them together. It is packed with an explorer-like interface and allows you to choose the folder and then the files to convert from its top left panel. Furthermore, it allows you to set the quality of the exported images simply by moving the slider. Remember that this little utility helps you rearrange the order of images right after adding them to the list.