Totally delete files in Windows with Blank and Secure

Deleting files from a computer does not mean that they cannot be recovered. Sometimes we do not want, for any reason, that what we have erased can come back to light. What can we do? It is best to use a portable application, such as  Blank and Secure , a tool that prevents subsequent recovery of anything that has been deleted from your computer.

Blank and Secure, to safely delete files

When a file is deleted from the computer, the system does not delete it, it only marks it with a piece of code to indicate that it is not accessible. If the space occupied by that file is not overwritten by another, it can be recovered using a dedicated tool, such as Recuva or iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac (for macOS computers).

Blank and Secure prevents this, since when used to erase data, it fills the space it occupies with zeros. After that operation, the recovery of the deleted data is impossible. It is an application that carries out the secure deletion of files to a good end.

unrecoverable files

It is clear that  Blank and Secure should only be used when we know for sure that what we are going to delete is totally unnecessary. If we use it, there is no going back. To use the program, you only have to drag and drop the files to be deleted onto its interface. After that, you have to press the delete button to complete the action.

To consider

On the support website they tell us the following: « Secure deletion is possible with this program because Blank and Secure overwrites the data with  random numbers  before deleting it. Data recovery is impossible after this operation. Therefore, use only if the data needs to be permanently deleted. The other overwrite standards such as US DoD 5220.22-M ECE, German standard and Peter Gutmann standard are not implemented, because in my test I had no measurable improvement, that’s why it was not implemented in Blank and Secure “.


Among the options offered by this program are the following:

  • It is a very small program that hardly takes up space.
  • It takes care of overwriting files from 1 to 32 times with the NULL statement, and as a consequence, deleting all stored data.
  • It also allows you to fill all the free space on the hard drive with zeros.
  • Remove the standard removal paths on the hard drive.
  • It is very easy to use, by implementing the drag and drop option.
  • It is, as we have already said, a portable application, that is, an application that does not require installation, which can be carried, for example, on a USB disk.


As we have said, it is a portable application, which can be taken from one place to another. Among the languages ​​it includes is Spanish. It works on all versions of Windows. To get it, go to Blank and Secure .