Transfer data between iOS devices and computers

Transferring data between mobile devices, and between mobile devices and computers, is commonplace. When there is a change of  smartphone and you want to recover the data from the old device and incorporate it into the new one, you need an application that is capable of carrying out the process.

EaseUS MobiMover Free is a free application intended to transfer data from an old iPhone or iPad to a new one. It works seamlessly with the latest versions of iOS. It is also capable of synchronizing data between a computer and an iPhone or iPad in both directions.

This application works perfectly with the latest versions of Apple mobile phone. It works seamlessly with current versions of iPhone. It also supports previous iPhone models, the only thing necessary is that they have one of the latest versions of iOS installed. It is best to have the most current.


Among the options that EaseUS MobiMover Free supports,  the following stand out:

  • Allows you to migrate data from an old iPhone/iPad device to a new one.
  • Supports backing up iPhone / iPad data to computer in order to prevent accidental data loss.
  • It is capable of moving data stored on iPhone/iPad to another device to free up space on original iPhone/iPad.
  • It is capable of sharing iPhone/iPad data with other iOS devices.
  • Supports multi-category transfer between two iOS devices or between iOS device and computer.
  • It is able to add or remove items from iPhone/iPad.

To consider

With just one click, you can export Safari photos, music, videos, contacts, notes and bookmarks from your computer to iPhone or iPad. You can also create a new item in a certain category on your mobile device directly from your computer. Whenever a change is made to one or more items,  EaseUS MobiMover Free is capable of detecting and updating it. It also allows you to delete everything that is not needed on the mobile device directly from the computer.

Those responsible for these applications tell us the following about it:

« It is the best alternative to iTunes. The iPhone is our daily necessity. We store almost everything, including our precious photos, private chat history, favorite music and movies, and much more, on the device. What if we want to switch to a new iPhone? EaseUS MobiMover Free is a robust iOS data transfer and management tool that helps to access your iPhone, iPad or iPod data from a computer and transfer data from one iDevice to another, which replaces iTunes perfectly.


This is a free application that can be accessed at  EaseUS MobiMover Free . After downloading and installing it, we will see that it is very easy to use and that it works very quickly. It has a very intuitive design, without it being necessary, when using it, to carry out complex operations. It runs smoothly on the latest versions of Windows and macOS. There is also a Pro version of the program with more features.