If you are here it is because you are wondering what is this Trygf thing and what does it mean? Well let me tell you that you have come to the right place as an avalanche of the most sinister and horrifying videos ever seen on YouTube is coming .

What is trygf and what does it mean ?

Trygf means nothing…. It’s just a word randomly put into the YouTube search engine by an Internet user . As we all know, the YouTube search engine uses a fairly powerful search algorithm . For example, if we put “Best Songs”, it will give us a search for keywords related to the main keyword.

The problem is that if you put random or invented words it also throws up searches and this is precisely what happened to an Internet user who typed “Trygf” without quotes .

I Type Trygf And This Happens…

The world was not prepared to know the lurid and creepy videos that YouTube returned with this random word, in fact, you can do a search yourself, try putting “Trygf” in the YouTube search engine and see what happens…

As you can see, the list of videos is quite huge and if we add to this that DrossRotzank has covered the news in his latest video, it is foreseeable that this kind of content will go viral in the next few hours . So millions of YouTubers will be uploading videos tagging them Trygf in the coming days or weeks .

Trygf De Dross Video

Here is the video where Dross reveals the dark side of YouTube with the Trygf videos .

Is it spelled trygf or tryfg ?

One of the warning signs that we have reached this dark place on YouTube according to Dross is this welcome video.

But if we look at the title of the video it clearly says “Tryfg” although it is possible to find these sinister videos with both words .

Watch Trygf Videos On Youtube

Here is a playlist of Youtube videos that are appearing on the platform, some are creepy (they are in hidden mode, enter to see them) .

History Of Trygf Videos

It all started a few days ago in this Reddit forum post , where a user contributed the discovery of these videos by typing Trygf in the search engine . The most curious thing is that after inspecting one of the videos, he realized that in the description it included a series of coordinates in Google Maps which led to abandoned ships on a plain . Here is the video (it is in hidden mode) :

The coordinates that we can see in the video are the following:

  • 34.683051, -82.491360

If we enter them in Google Maps it takes us to a totally abandoned house, we can check the location of the 2 abandoned boats directly here .

How could it be otherwise, YouTube is naturally removing many of these videos , but what is certain is that we must prepare for a massive wave of trygf videos on the platform . Therefore, it is not to be expected that this type of strange content will go viral on YouTube in the coming days .

And what do you think, do you think it’s a passing fad or is it here to stay? You can leave me a comment, please don’t forget to share this content, please, that would help me a lot.