Turn your ideas into experiences with Genially

Turning ideas into experiences is not an easy task. At any time we are going to need to have a tool that allows us to publish any type of content , created by us, on social networks and other media.

Slideshows, infographics, dossiers, or ePosters, among other elements, are ideal for publicizing what we want. For this reason, it is appreciated that a platform like Genially exists , with which it is possible to shed light on our ideas and concerns.

If we use only text and images to create stories or to show our concerns, we fall short. Ideally, you want to have a system that turns what you’ve created into something eye-catching, that grabs the attention of everyone who examines it.

What does Genially offer?

It is a platform that offers everything you need to create and present all kinds of interactive content. With it you can bring your ideas to life. To achieve this you have the following:

  • Presentations : This is a classic system that with Genially reaches high levels. There are a large number of elements, all necessary to make what we want a reality.
  • Dossiers : We have a large number of templates to make a report on the subject we want.
  • Learning experience : All those who teach one or several courses, whatever their type, will have a perfectly structured system designed to show students what we want.
  • Videogames : Yes, it is also possible to design simple games. From a menu you will have to write an introduction, continue with the characters that are going to act and build the missions that they will have to carry out.
  • Interactive image : You have just taken a photo of several people and you want to show what each of them represents.
  • And much more: vertical and horizontal infographics, guides, video presentations, stories, and more.

tell great stories

Everything that is carried out is very easy to do. No programming and design knowledge is required. The results are spectacular, with visual experiences that improve communication. The creations are full of life, animated and perfectly integrated into the Internet. There is also the possibility of monitoring the impact of each of the creations. Everything you want is collected in Genially .


To achieve what we indicate, you have to access Genially . Registration on the platform is free. Depending on the needs of each one, it is possible to opt for different plans, from the one that costs nothing to the one that offers more benefits and that has a price. They are classified into two groups: plans for education and others framed in the professional field. In each group there are a total of four.