Twitter Lite For Android Start SAVING Mobile Data!

Normally to use Twitter you must use the messaging client of said app on your devices or, failing that, enter from . The truth is that lovers of “Tweets” always complain about the mobile data consumed by the official application. This leads many of them to use alternative twitter clients , but the truth is that today this social network ( along with Facebook ) is one of the social networking applications that consume the most data . Today I am going to bring you a simple tutorial to use a light and light version of Twitter called “Twitter Lite”.

And it is that we already had other light versions of other social network clients such as Facebook Lite . Best of all, unlike the latter, we won’t have to install any application to use Twitter Lite for Android or other devices. But first, let’s take a look at what this app is and what it consists of.

What is Twitter Lite and what is it for?

Well, basically you could say that it is the light version of Twitter . And it is that I know that it loads 30% faster than the mobile app . And we are talking about a charge of about 5 seconds faster, consuming up to 70% less mobile data than the original . This is achieved thanks to a data saving mode that controls the viewing of images.

And it is that this reduced version will be very useful for those “Twitterers” who make much use of this social network under 3G.

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How To Use Twitter For Android To Save Mobile Data 2023

You will not only be able to use this social network on Android, since by being able to access it from a URL, you will be able to use it on any device with an internet connection.

To use this lightweight Twitter client we will only have to access its official URL from the following link:

Now a screen like this will appear.

You will only have to log in to use this lightweight Twitter . Once inside, if you are under 3G and want to save as much data as possible, I advise you to go to your profile and activate data saving.

As you can see, this screenshot shows the photos normally (since we don’t have data saving activated). To activate it, we go to our profile and activate it, as in the photo.

Now if we load the Tweets again, we’ll see that we can selectively load the images. That is why we are dealing with the lightest Twitter client that exists and without installing any application .

Add Twitter Lite Icon On Your Desktop

The first time we start this version , it will give us the option to add an icon of this “light Twitter” directly to our desktop . In this way we will have access to this service as if it were the official application.

What do you think of this trick? Are you going to use it on your device? Sure it will . If you liked the post, could you leave me a comment and share it on your social networks? you would help me a lot.