Undecember Does Not Load, Does Not Open, Does Not Start (Does Not Let Me Enter)

Have you downloaded December to be surprised that it does not start, it does not load, it is not available in your country, it does not open or, in short, it does not let you enter ? Well, don’t worry, throughout this article on The MrAppsGeek we will give you a series of tips that you can follow to solve this problem, you just have to follow the steps that we indicate below.

Why December Doesn’t Work Today 2023?

If December 2023 closes only today , it may be due to these reasons:

  1. The app has information that needs to be updated.
  2. Problems with the game servers.
  3. You don’t have enough storage space.
  4. Internet connection problems.
  5. Application cache failure.

What to do if December doesn’t load? 2023

In this post you will learn what to do if December stopped, does not open or does not work . Follow the tips in the order they are presented and if one doesn’t work for you, just move on to the next.

December Is Not Available In My Country How Do I Fix It 2023?

After installing Undecember from the Google Play Store, does it appear that it is not available in your country ? So try uninstalling it and installing it again .

If after doing so the same message continues to appear, you should wait until it is available in your region or use a VPN .

December Keeps Loading and Does Not Start

Remember that this game needs at least 12 GB free on your mobile , so if the download of the additional data to start the game does not progress, you will have to free up storage space on your Smartphone .

December Does Not Respond?, Restart The Mobile

If you have plenty of storage space and December 2023 doesn’t work today , another thing you can do is restart your mobile . It may be a rather simple solution but it usually works in many cases, believe me.

Check For Undecember Updates

Remember to always have Undecember updated to the latest version available to check it, you just have to follow this route:

  • Go to Play Store>My Profile>Manage Apps and Device>check for Undecember updates.

Check Your Internet Connection

Can’t access the game servers? You may be experiencing problems with your network connection. So it is highly recommended that you try to access Undecember from different WiFi connections and even from mobile data .

Another thing you can do is reset the router by turning it off and on in this way you will reset the wireless network connections.

It is also recommended that you do an Internet speed test to check if we get a good bandwidth.

Update WebView To Latest Version

In some cases, not having the Webview component updated to the latest version can cause some apps like TikTok , Brawl Stars or Gmail to stop . To update it, I advise you to follow the instructions in these 2 tutorials:

Delete December Data And Cache Easy And Fast

If after all of the above you are still experiencing problems with Undecember it is most likely due to problems with the game file cache .

Luckily these files are temporary and we can delete them without problems and to do so, the first step we will have to follow is to access the “Settings” of the phone and then “Applications” .

Here we will have to search for the game and once located we select it.

On the next screen we access “Storage” .

  1. We will proceed to Clear Cache and check if the game still does not work.
  2. In case you continue to have problems we will delete the data .

By deleting the data we will leave the game as it was the first time we installed it, so we will have to download the additional data again .

Once we have downloaded all the data we can recover the progress of our character by logging in with our Gmail account .

I hope these possible solutions help you if December won’t load or start . If you want, you can also offer more solutions in the comments section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much for everything!