Unfortunately the application has stopped SOLUTION

In its day, Android was more of a bug than it was an OS. The users of this ecosystem had many problems in terms of stability . Luckily, Android has been debugged over time. However, one of the most common errors (rare but it happens) in Android is the following message: unfortunately the application has stopped .

This error has despite being common, it is not very frequent but the truth is that it irritates a lot. Today we are going to see how to fix unfortunately the application has stopped .

Unfortunately The Application Has Stopped Solution

This error sometimes goes hand in hand with the application that is failing . Therefore, it is concurrent to see variations of this type of error , which could be the following:

    • Unfortunately the camera app has stopped.
    • Unfortunately the messages app has stopped.
    • Unfortunately the Contacts app has stopped.
    • Unfortunately application updates has stopped.
    • Unfortunately the whatsapp application has stopped.

Among others, how to solve this error message? Let’s see it.

Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped Clearing Data And Cache

This is as simple as going to settings, installed applications . Once inside, look for the one that gives you the aforementioned error. Now just clear cache and data . Your problem should be solved. If this is not the case, try the next method.

Uninstall the application that gives you the error

If the previous method does not work for you, you can always uninstall the application that causes problems . To do this, go to settings, downloaded applications , enter the app in question and uninstall it. Then go to Google play and reinstall it. If the previous method does not work you can always try the next one.

Factory Restore

If the error, unfortunately, the application has stopped , continues to appear, you can always go to the last resort… Restore the mobile to factory . To do this you must go to settings, backup and restore factory data .

Remember to make a backup before restoring as you will lose absolutely everything.

I hope you have fixed the “unfortunately the application has stopped” error message . For my part, I would like to tell you that thanks for reading and I would really appreciate it if you shared this tutorial on your social networks.