Upload Image to GET Easy URL

Uploading an image to get a URL is something very basic that every user should know. And there are many situations in which knowing how to upload a photo to obtain a URL on the Internet can help you solve many incidents. For example, the other day I needed to make a statement to the town hall so that they could prune the tops of the trees in front of my house since the branches do not let me open the window, so to complete the statement I could upload an image so that it has a URL . In this way I was able to send the link where the photo was to give valuable information to the document and that the city council knows the situation in which I really find myself.

On which page can I upload a photo with a URL ?

There are many pages that allow you to do this, however the best page to upload an image with a URL is IMGBB , which will allow us to upload a photo to obtain a URL to share it easily and quickly.

Where to upload a photo to the Internet?

You can enter IMGBB from the following link .

How To Upload A Photo To The Internet With IMGBB?

Once we are inside the web, all we have to do is click on the blue banner that says “Start Uploading” .

Now we must look for the photo to upload with URL on our hard drive , once selected we will click on “Open” .

Now we can do the following, either we click on “Send” or before we can edit the image by filling in the following parameters:

  1. We choose the name .
  2. We can choose the dimensions of the image .
  3. We will have the option of never deleting the image or to delete it after a few minutes.
  4. Possibility to add a description to the image .
  5. Finally we click on “Send” .

Upload An Image And Get URL

Finally we just have to click on “Upload” , as in the photo.

This is where the link will appear that we can copy to share the photo uploaded to the Internet with URL , in my case the link created would be the following:

And in this simple way you can upload an image to have a free URL . If you have any problem, leave me a comment, don’t forget that your support is important, please share this article with your social networks, that would help me a lot…