Use a complete personal information manager

We all need a personal information manager, whatever our type of work. Managing daily tasks and appointments, email accounts, notes, or passwords is very important. The application that we propose does so on most devices and in the cloud.

Paper agendas are obsolete, they are no longer necessary to manage and control all the information we need to receive every day. They have been replaced by computer applications that do the same job more efficiently. These programs not only take care of recording all the information that we indicate, but they are also capable of issuing notices when necessary.

EssentialPIM belongs to this group, it is a personal information manager that allows you to organize the daily, weekly or monthly agenda and display the notices clearly. It is capable of managing appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, passwords and email messages on a large number of devices, and also in the cloud, as we have already indicated.

Powerful information manager

It includes an address book to manage all the contacts, as well as a note manager, grouped in a tree, that support the inclusion of rich text.

In the address book you can include images, it also allows you to add or remove fields in order to establish customizations that fit the needs of each one. Appointments can be marked with different colors, depending on the priority level. To reschedule an appointment you just have to drag it to the corresponding place.

What does EssentialPIM offer?

The program allows you to set unique and recurring events, set the priority level, set different colors to define the categories, display a completion indicator, and set alerts in the form of reminders. All information can be exported in HTML or RTF format, among other possible formats. EssentialPIM supports password protection with strong encryption.

This is what those responsible for this tool tell us: « EssentialPIM data is stored in a secure, fast and scalable database. Allows cross-link configuration and easy search. Data can be synced with the most popular cloud solutions such as Google Calendar / Contacts / Tasks / Drive, iCloud, Toodledo, SyncML, CalDav and many others. It also offers native Dropbox support .”


There is a free version of the program that works on the latest versions of Windows. There are also versions for Android and iOS mobile devices, free for both.

To get any of the versions you have to access EssentialPIM . If you need more features, you should opt for the PRO version of the application or the app , in the case of Android devices. A new version of the program for Windows has just been released today. Supported languages ​​include Spanish.