Use a great password manager like 1Password

Using a password manager is essential for all of us who use multiple accounts on different platforms and services. What we should never do is use the same password for everyone we use on the Internet.

There are more and more accounts that we manage in order to access different services on the network or on the equipment we are using. This requires the use of usernames and passwords. We all know that it is not advisable to use the same access data in all accounts.

Therefore, it is best to resort to an application that allows the management of all passwords , a tool capable of keeping all of them in an orderly and efficient manner in order to protect all data. Those who have an iOS or Android device and/or a computer with macOS or Windows can have this tool. We mean 1Password .

With  1Password we only need to know the password that is needed to start the application. From there you will access the program interface and see all the stored data, referring to the different accounts that are managed.

To consider

It is a very easy to use application, with a highly intuitive structure. You only have to add the passwords and  1Password will take care of storing them in order to be managed. This will make it very easy to log into different websites and applications. It only takes a few clicks.

In addition to what has already been indicated, the application allows the automatic generation of strong and secure passwords. Each of them can be accompanied by easy-to-remember phrases in order to easily locate them when they need to be used.


1Password not only allows you to save passwords securely but also stores the rest of the data that accompanies each account. This allows you to save credit card numbers and website addresses. All perfectly structured, using different categories. It also allows the use of labels and the creation of favorites.

And it doesn’t stop there, it is also possible to add custom fields to each of the elements with, for example, security questions, specific URLs and other types of information. 1Password uses end-to-end encryption, so data is only decrypted offline. The encryption keys never leave the device and you are the only one who can see your passwords. There is also the possibility of sharing the data stored by  1Password with other people, for example, with those who make up the same work group.

Protection against credential stuffing

Some time ago, 1Password launched a new tool that is used to identify compromised accounts and take the appropriate measures for their total protection. To do this, it will recommend users to modify the passwords that are at risk.


This is an application that can be downloaded free of charge and used for 30 days in order to test it. There are also other application options valid for individuals and companies, with different subscription plans.

Supported languages ​​include Spanish. To get this application you have to access 1Password and proceed to download it for your computer or mobile device. There is also a version of the application as a browser extension .