Use a PDF editor and a scanner for iPhone and iPad

PDF documents have been widely used for several years. As we know, they all contain text and images, and can be examined, in addition to the original application, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, with many others. Most of these applications are for computers and there are also some to be used online. We invite you to examine some of the ones we propose .

iLovePDF is specifically designed to be used on iOS devices, iPhone and iPad. And it is not only a PDF document reader but also an editor. And it offers something else, it can be used as a scanner to examine and save the content of any document or image.

What does iLovePDF offer?

We have already indicated that with iLovePDF it is possible to read all kinds of PDF documents, but it is also possible to annotate and convert them, as well as sign them.

You just have to take a photo of what you need and save it as a PDF document. In addition , iLovePDF incorporates the option of saving the content on several pages. The text contained in the image will be recognized using the OCR system. This will allow, if necessary, to establish modifications in it.

The built-in PDF converter is capable of converting any JPG image into a PDF document. You can also carry out the conversion of any Microsoft Office document into a PDF document. And there are still more. This app allows you to extract images inserted in PDF documents. The results are high-quality images.


Among the features that accompany iLovePDF, the following stand out:

  • Annotate : Just highlight the relevant text in your PDF. Add notes and annotations to the PDF document, leave comments, draw or insert images on PDF. Choose your annotation format.
  • Fill and sign forms : You can quickly fill out a PDF form by typing text and electronically signing it from the screen of your device.
  • PDF Reader and Editor : Read, edit and modify PDF files stored in the cloud or on your device whenever you need.
  • Compress PDF documents : Reduce the file size of your document while maintaining visual quality.
  • Combine PDF Documents : Combine multiple documents into a single PDF file.
  • Split PDF Documents : Split PDF pages or extract pages to multiple PDF documents with high quality.
  • Rotate PDF Document : Rotate specific pages of a PDF document and adjust the results.
  • Protection : Remove or add passwords to any PDF document.
  • Add Page Numbers : Personalize your PDF files by choosing the position, font, and size of the page numbers.
  • Add watermark : Choose an image or text and add it to your PDF document. Select position, transparency or typography to get the best result.
  • Share in the cloud : Allows you to select and share any document through Google Drive and Dropbox.


To get this application you must access the App Store . It is a free app that offers in-app purchases.