Use a web statistics system in real time

Google Analytics is the statistics system most used by blogs and all kinds of websites. The information it shows is very complete and perfectly structured. Although it is not the only one, there are also others. Thus we must not disdain Matomo and the one that we propose below.

When I wrote an article about the tool that we are now presenting for the first time, in February 2010, we said that the only drawback of the Google Analytics statistics was that they did not present information in real time, something that has been solved over the years. time.

Clicky is another statistics system, structured in a different way but as complete as those of Analytics , which also shows real-time information on your website visitors.

Clicky has a free version valid for a large number of sites. After signing up for the service you will have to copy a piece of code on all pages of your site. If you have a blog or use a content manager, you have plugins to include Clicky on your site without any complications.

You will also see in the administration panel of your website a summary of the statistics with a direct access to the service to see them in full. There are also extensions for web browsers and apps for mobile devices that display information in real time.

What does Clicky offer you?

With Clicky you will be able to see everything you need to do a complete follow-up of the visits to your site: list of visitors, page views, downloads, clicks, links, searches… You will be able to create follow-up campaigns. The spy menu shows you at all times the visitors to your site, indicating, in each case, the IP, the country, the operating system and the web browser used, the page visited, the source link and the number of actions (pages views).

To consider

There are several testimonials from users of this tool. This is one of them: « Clicky gives me the tools I need to analyze my site traffic in real time while providing relevant historical data. I can deliver the most relevant content to each visitor and better understand their needs through Clicky insights. Well done, and keep up the good work! «


To get this tool, in any of its versions, go to Clicky . From the page you also have access to plugins for WordPress, Drupal, or Prestashop, among others. You will also find access to applications for mobile devices.

There are currently more than one million two hundred thousand sites that use Clicky. You just have to click on the registration button to start using the service.