Use Canva to create concept maps, mind maps, and comparison charts

It is not the first time that we have talked about Canva , a prestigious platform focused on the design of different creation systems, in which we are offered a significant number of images, templates and remarkable content aimed at achieving what we want.

The list is very extensive, as we have already indicated. Thus, for example, we can design a resume or photo collages , as well as edit photos online . Today we are going to refer to new tools, which we reflect in the title of this publication.

Create concept maps

If you want to organize your thoughts or use a series of ideas to solve far-reaching problems, it is best to resort to creating concept maps . To carry out what you want, you will have what we indicate below:

  • You can choose between more than 20 high-quality graphics.
  • In order to speed up your workflow, you will have all kinds of templates, designed by specialists in the field.
  • You can do everything easily, seeing what you are getting. You will not have to resort to a highly complex application only valid for experts.
  • The concept map that you have created can be published and shared with other people. For this you have the download option.
  • If you are preparing a presentation, a report or a document, you can insert the map into it without any problem.
  • It does not matter that you are not fluent in design, the implemented drag and drop tools will help you achieve what you want.

If you access the page that we have indicated, you can, before proceeding to the design of your first concept map , see the five steps you must take to achieve it. Read and discover everything you need.

create mind maps

If we want to capture our ideas in a simple way and using a very intuitive system, we must resort to creating mental maps . With the tool that we propose, totally free and online, it is possible to achieve what we want.

To achieve everything we want, we will have what we indicated in the previous section, in creating concept maps . Also, when accessing the indicated page, we will see the steps that must be taken to achieve what we want.

Those responsible for the service tell us the following about it:

« A mind map is used to show the various ideas associated with a particular concept. It is a very useful tool for brainstorming. In general, the concept appears in the center of the graph, while the different ideas branch out in different directions. So what is mind mapping? » We only have to be encouraged to discover what mind mapping is in the event that we do not know what it is.

Create comparative charts

If you have the need for several options or to make decision making easier, do not hesitate to resort to creating comparison charts . It is a free tool, valid for all types of users.

Just choose one of the templates and start designing. The interface, like the rest of the tools, is very intuitive and easy to use. You just have to start, follow the appropriate steps, and get what we want.