Use Club Cooee, to chat in a 3D room

They say that chat rooms of their original type are in the doldrums, that social networks have eaten up the ground for the rooms that served, since the early days of the Internet, for anonymous people to get to know each other through the relationships that arose from verbal communication.

In principle, these rooms used clients, on the computer desk, very simple, which only allowed text to be entered. Today, despite the loss of popularity, customers have changed. There are a few, although not many, that use, in addition to text, images. Club Cooee is one of the most advanced, especially in the field of graphic communication.

It has been active for quite some time and many people turn to Club Cooee to communicate with other people. One of the defining features of this tool is that, both on a Windows or macOS computer, and on a mobile device, it shows the chat room in 3D structure.

To consider

It simulates a 3D world, with rooms or chat rooms that can be decorated with multiple objects, and in which the characters have avatars that can resemble beings from the real world.

In Club Cooee there are created a large number of rooms from different countries. The app works smoothly on both Windows and macOS computers. To begin, after entering the web, you must register by providing some information. It is also possible to download and use an  app for Android mobile devices, for iPhone and for iPad.

The makers of the tool tell us the following about it: « Meet new people in cool chat rooms, flirt in quirky places, or just chill with your friends. The Club Cooee chat community is full of possibilities .”

What can you do at Club Cooee?

As a member you can be part of one of the rooms already created or create your own. You will invite your friends and acquaintances to spend pleasant moments talking about the topics that interest you, decorating your room, modifying your avatar, in short, trying to turn a small virtual world into a copy of reality. You have what it takes to meet people from all over the world.


Those responsible for the service invite us to discover exotic islands, to experience unforgettable parties in the club’s ballrooms or to take a romantic walk through the gardens that you have at your disposal, with the person you love. You can also put the music on or become a designer and print your designs on t-shirts and the like.


To start chatting or to download the application designed for the purpose for your computer,  smartphone or  tablet, go to Club Cooee . Supported languages ​​include Spanish. On all devices it is a free app.

You can download for iOS devices you have to access the App Store . If you want to install on Android you have to access Google Play .