Use Commander One, a free file manager for Mac

All computers, with Windows, macOS or Linux, include a file manager, but this is not an obstacle to having an external application that offers more features. All of us who have a Mac computer can use Commander One , a file manager that includes a remarkable number of options. And, if we want more, we can resort to the Pro version of the application.

This file manager offers a double panel that is written in Swift, and offers the version, already forgotten by many macOS users, that allows searching using the keyboard and also the mouse.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following are the same: « With Commander One you can use two panels at the same time, set your own hotkeys for any action and much more. Also, it is free software that can be a great alternative to OS X Finder .”

It offers the necessary functions for a perfect and complete management of Mac files. Its handling is very simple, valid for all types of users, both for professionals and for apprentices.

In addition to managing all the files contained on the computer, the new version of the program also allows the management of files stored on remote servers and on mobile devices. They can be opened and edited. With Commander One it is possible to manage files stored in a multitude of cloud services. In addition, the included encryption system makes management totally secure.


Among the characteristics that accompany this program, the following stand out:

  • Show hidden files : By means of a button included in the toolbar it is possible to access the hidden files.
  • Fonts and colors : You can choose the font and colors that best suit the taste of each one.
  • Brief Mode : Supports managing multiple files and folders at once in an easy way.
  • History and Favorites : Frequently used folders and files can be pinned, and there is the ability to access them easily.
  • Customizable hotkeys : A key can be used to access a certain action quickly.
  • Unlimited Tabs : Two panels are displayed with an unlimited number of tabs.
  • Specific selection of articles : You can select only the files with which you want to work.
  • Free tools : Among the tools that Commander One offers are support for ZIP compressed files, the file viewer, or the list of computers connected to a local network, among others.

About the Pro version

Although it is advisable to initially install the free version of Commander One , if we need to have more options and features, we can resort to the Pro version . In it we will find an FTP manager, access to Dropbox and Google Drive, assembly of iOS and Android devices, a process manager, or access to Amazon S3, among other options.


To get this application, in any of its versions, you have to access Commander One . The application currently supports the Big Sur version, typical of Mac computers with an M1 processor.