Use Google Lens to search what you see

There are several reasons that may force many to use this interesting and at the same time powerful application for Android devices. As we show in the title, after downloading Google Lens and configuring the app after opening it, authorizing access to the mobile device’s camera, we now have everything we need to find the data used to identify what we have just photographed.

Most use it to identify plants and flowers, just like PictureThis , but it offers much more. Whatever the photographed object, we will immediately find information about it.

To translate text

And not only what we have indicated is valid. So, for example, if we have a portion of text in front of us in a language we don’t know, after capturing it with the device’s camera we can see it translated into our language.

Know brands and characteristics

And what can you do if you are looking at a bottle of wine that you like, examining an original dress in a shop window, or seeing a car go by that you don’t know the make or model of? With Google Lens you will be able to have all the characteristics of the wine and discover where it is sold. The same happens, with small differentiating nuances, with the dress and the car.

Information about restaurants

You are in front of a restaurant. You only have to take a photo in front of the place to know important details about the place where, perhaps, you are going to eat. So you can discover the different menus, accompanied by their prices, as well as other suggestions. You can also find different reviews on Google Maps about the aforementioned restaurant.

explore spaces

Take a picture of one of the outstanding elements of the place where you are and you will see complete information about nearby spaces. You will have information about historical events and events that are taking place or that will take place soon.

Flowers, plants and also animals

And we cannot forget what we have already mentioned. Just yesterday we were a family group on a farm in the village. One of my sisters-in-law was interested in an application that would allow her to know the name of a flower that she had next to her. I picked up his mobile phone and downloaded Google Lens .

My sister-in-law was amazed when, after taking a photo of the flower from the application interface, she received complete information about it. She did not stop and continued to enjoy discovering other plants and also stones.

And it does not stop there, we can also discover the breed of a dog or a cat, or know the name of the small insect that moves along one part of the path, or the animal that is watching us from the other bank of the river.


To know the features of this app you have to access Google Lens . We can also see more details about it on Google Play and download it to our mobile device.