Using WhatsApp Web Without QR Code Is it Possible?

WhatsApp Web is undoubtedly a success since for those of us who work in front of the PC and cannot be very aware of our mobile phones, it is an excellent tool to avoid losing concentration, apart from the fact that we can install WhatsApp for tablets without the need for a SIM, so we will save battery. The only problem that arises is that we will need our mobile phone to scan the QR code , so it is normal for you to wonder… can WhatsApp Web be used without a QR code? .

How do you access WhatsApp Web?

Entering this platform is very simple, we only have to use a computer with an Internet connection, a browser and of course… your mobile . Then we will enter the official page:

This is where they will indicate the steps that we must follow next:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Touch the 3 points on the top right and enter WhatsApp Web .
  3. Finally we must scan the code that appears and that’s it… we’ll be inside.

The fact is that it is possible that you need to use WhatsApp Web without code scanning, either because your camera does not work well or simply because you do not trust scanning QR codes (something completely normal). Therefore, you may be wondering… can you download WhatsApp Web without a QR code? . First of all take into account the importance of a QR code.

What is a QR Code and what is it for?

QR comes from the acronym “Quick Response” or “Quick Response Code” , it could be said that it is the evolution of the barcode. It is a system capable of storing information in a matrix of points which are capable of being read with a camera. WhatsApp Web uses this system to prove that you are the owner of the mobile and have physical access to it .

Can You Use WhatsApp Web Without QR Code?

The answer is NO , I have seen a multitude of YouTube videos and articles in which they talk about tricks to open WhatsApp Web without a camera but the truth is that they are all lies and tricks to get visits . Do not be fooled, since the use of QR in WhatsApp Web is a security measure to be able to verify the account and to be able to use it on a PC.

You already know that it is not possible to have WhatsApp on the PC without a QR code , do not be fooled. If you found the article interesting, do not hesitate to share it with your social networks, please… that helps me a lot… thank you!