Microsoft offers continuous support for Windows 10 by way of mandatory updates that, although they are necessary from time to time, are quite annoying since they interfere with the performance of our PC when they are downloaded in the background . That is why one of the Windows 10 tutorials that we did in its day was to deactivate the automatic updates of this operating system and we even made an article talking about how to uninstall a specific update. However, it may be that you are here because you simply want to see the Windows 10 update history , don’t worry, we will solve your question quickly and easily below.

How to View Update History in Windows 10

To see the list of all Win 10 updates, the first thing we must do is press the following key combination:

  • Windows + I.

In this way we will enter the “Windows Settings” , now what we must do is go down below to where it says “Update and Security” , as in the photo.

Access Windows Update History

Once inside “Settings” we only have to follow the following steps:

  1. We look to the left and enter “Windows Update” .
  2. We click on “View Update History” .

Windows 10 Update History

This is where we can see all the Windows 10 updates installed on our PC and if they are installed correctly.

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