Wallpapers for Android with Backgrounds HD

We are many people who have an Android device. Each one of us wants to give a special touch to our smartphone or tablet .

We not only take into account the applications that are used for specific actions, to manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to access WhatsApp or Telegram, or to browse the Web, among others, but also the aspect counts.

I am not referring to the cover, but to the screen, to the background on which the different access icons to the different apps dance . The fact that it has a pleasant appearance is something to take into account.

About the wallpaper

When we acquire a device, it brings a certain background activated by default. Most of us are not satisfied with what comes by default and we immediately change it for another.

Generally we choose one of those that come in the library that includes the device, different in each model of phone or tablet . But we find something that we do not like, the number of images is very limited. What can we do?

What does Backgrounds HD offer?

Backgrounds HD (Fondos HD) is an application for Android downloaded, according to its creators, by more than one hundred million users, which offers a huge number of wallpapers. New updates are produced every day, with new free images joining the list of existing ones. At the moment there are more than 8,000 images.

Easy to handle

The application uses a very simple and intuitive interface that anyone can use without complications. Its charge does not cost battery or extra memory. You will be able to see the list of funds that other users of the app are using . So you will know which are the most popular. Most images include information about the artist who created them, as well as license details and the URL of the author’s page.

Easy access and location

The funds are grouped into categories, more than 30, which makes it easy to search for images. The application also supports searching using keywords. It is also possible to crop the images, or add filters, among other possible configurations.


To download and install the application on your device use the Play Store , you just have to type its name in the search box. You can also do it by accessing Backgrounds HD on Google Play . It is a free app that offers in-app purchases.