Watch A 3D Skeleton In Your House For Halloween With Google

Halloween 2023
is here and Google to celebrate it will allow us to use its augmented reality technology to see a skeleton in 3D at home to celebrate the most terrifying night of the year 2023 . Would you like to know how it is done? Well, then we will explain it to you in MrAppsGeek , it will be terrifyingly fun! .

What Is Augmented Reality And What Is It?

It is a technology that uses the different sensors of our device (accelerometer, cameras…) to be able to insert images through the camera in real time in such a way that even these virtual images can interact with each other and even with the environment.

What Can I Summon On Halloween Night 2023 By Google?

To celebrate Halloween 2023 , Google will allow us to summon different creatures in the living room of our house simply using a Smartphone compatible with augmented reality . The different elements that we can conjure would be the following:

  • See a 3D skeleton that dances .
  • Summon a 3D ghost .
  • See a dog dressed as a Hot Dog.
  • Lack-o-lantern (Halloween pumpkins).
  • Summon a mafic cat.
  • A dog dressed as a pirate.

Of all of them, without a doubt the most ingenious, funniest and even terrifying are the 3D canine that dances and is the specter of Google , below we will explain how to invoke them in your living room.

How to summon a 3D skeleton that dances in your living room with Google Step by Step 2023

The first thing we must do is go to the Google search engine and write the following:

  1. “Human Skeleton” (without quotes).
  2. We scroll a bit and click on “View in 3D” .

In the lower part we can summon different creatures, but one of the coolest is undoubtedly the dancing skeleton , we select it.

How to see a dancing skeleton in 3D in your house on October 31, 2023

On this screen we can zoom and rotate our skeleton 360 degrees , to view it in the living room we will click on “View in your Space” .

The next thing will be to find a flat surface where to place the base of our 3D dancing canine , for this we must gently rotate the mobile on the surface.

And voila, this would be the result, ideal to celebrate a night of terror in the middle of 2023 , in addition we will also have the possibility of recording it by leaving the button pressed or even taking photos to buy with our friends.

How to summon a ghost in 3D with Google 2023

In the same way, you can also summon a 3-dimensional spectrum thanks to Google to celebrate Halloween 2023 , you just have to follow the instructions in this video.

And that’s it, if you have any questions you can always comment and don’t forget to share this article if you consider it original and nice… Ah! I forgot… Happy Halloween 2023! .