We cannot surf the Internet without protection

Always, even in times when the Internet did not exist, it was and is necessary to have our computer protected against possible infections caused by viruses, Trojans, spyware and all kinds of malware. If, in addition, as happens in most cases, we browse the Internet, it is convenient, even mandatory, to have everything necessary installed on our computer so that it is fully protected against undesirable and unexpected invasions.

How to surf the Internet safely

There are a few tools that deal with fixing this protection. In fact, with the latest versions of Windows, a package that deals with this is already installed by default , although some say that it is of doubtful efficiency, but it has been shown that this is not the case. Despite this, there are many who prefer to resort to the classics, which have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate their power. Along these lines is Bitdefender Internet Security , a suite that includes everything necessary to keep our computer protected and clean.

What does Bitdefender Internet Security offer?

With the indicated package we will no longer have to worry about the protection of our data. It is a complete program that also absorbs very few resources and works at high speed in the background, without interfering with our actions. With it you can carry out transactions online with full security. But it still offers more, it also takes care of protecting our children’s online activities, restricting access to certain web pages. Among other features, its powerful firewall (firewall) takes care of protecting our Internet connection.

To consider

They tell us on the application’s support site: « Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 offers several levels of protection against ransomware. It uses threat behavior detection to prevent infection, and protects your most important documents from encryption by ransomware. The new ransomware repair feature acts as a repair layer to ensure that data such as documents, images, videos or music is protected against any type of ransomware attack .”

We cannot avoid using an antivirus

As you know, Bitdefender Antivirus has been in charge for quite some time now, as we already pointed out, of keeping our computer clean and shiny, rejecting attacks from harmful objects. It prevents them from settling on our computer, wherever they come from, using web pages, email messages, or the files that we download from the network, among other possibilities. If you want to keep your computer as shiny as the day we you bought, you know what you have to do.


On the support page of the application they tell us the following: « A solution for every need. Whether you need protection for a single device, a smart home, your small business, hybrid infrastructures, or a corporate data center, we have the product that offers the best security, unmatched performance, and incredible ease of use.