What is cyber literacy and why is it important?

Cyberliteracy means having the ability to use computer technology and understand it correctly. This will help keep personal and home devices protected. It will also be a way to ensure the privacy of all data. Most people are exposed to a large number of attacks that violate privacy, from stealing data such as: passwords or photos, to even money. Cyberattacks are a global problem for individuals, companies or institutions, like the recent attacks on Spanish government websites. 

Currently, data in the digital age has become an object of desire for many companies. Trading this information helps them understand their customers’ behavior and how they can sell their products. There have been cases in which a company has sold customer data to marketing companies, other interested companies and even the government of a country. This is how they analyze behaviors and study how to reach their target audience.

However, despite the existence of general knowledge about the problems that a lack of protection can cause , the truth is that very few decide to finally bet on changing their security habits. Understanding and understanding the real threats will help keep personal information safe and even establish a routine to protect professional information as well.

How to protect personal data on technological devices?

The cyberliteracy process will help to use appropriate tools to deal with possible attacks and preserve the security of information and devices. A very effective tool for this is to use a VPN service. 

A VPN is a virtual private network in its most literal translation. Currently all devices that want to access the Internet connect to a router or a modem, connecting to another device that connects it to the Internet. Thus, the Internet comes through an intermediary. Being able to control everything a person does, where he is and what his interests are.

The VPN service therefore helps to protect privacy from possible cyberattacks and from the leaks they can cause when browsing the web. Here you can find free VPN software, CyberGhost has a free trial that helps end internet surveillance and establish an intimate connection. 

How to protect transactions on the Internet?

More and more people are choosing to make purchases online, leaving all their data and their credit card to be able to place the order. How to protect your purchases , we tell you how to do it. 

Phishing has become one of the most well-known and present attacks in the day to day of many people. This technique allows cybercriminals to steal passwords and credentials. In most cases they simulate that the user is in a secure and reliable site to gain access to their data.  

Antiviruses in most cases are not capable of detecting this type of problem. Faced with this, the VPN protects against a large number of cyberattacks. Phishing often enters via email with attachments and subject lines alerting the user to an important issue. In addition to containing dangerous links that can damage the computer on which it is opened. 

VPNs have a very strict strategy to protect users against data leaks and threats. Protecting the user at all times. 

Using a VPN is much more than data protection and unattended browsing. It is a lifestyle and a cry for freedom, escaping from the system that controls a large amount of information. The personal data of millions of people is stored daily and classified with the objective of achieving a purpose. 

Very important not to use a totally free VPN service! Most companies that offer this option do so because they receive something in return. Unfortunately they are part of the community that traffics in personal information, passwords and other data relevant to the user. Using a free VPN can even affect your browsing speed and offer a much slower connection. 

The Internet was born as a platform without borders that little by little has become corseted with multiple limitations. Surveillance grows without measures, private data does not stop being analyzed. Information that can be used by anyone with power. Privacy is a right that must be strictly respected. The Internet should be a safe place for the user and not become the enemy of privacy. 

Accessing a VPN service will guarantee that the user navigates with peace of mind, can buy comfortably and safely. And finally, that surveillance while browsing the Internet becomes part of the past! In addition to protecting Wi-Fi connections and having 24-hour assistance if a problem occurs. The VPN will consolidate the freedom on the Internet.