What is the kernel and what is it for?

Kernel , that word that Android lovers have heard on more than one occasion. And it is that they are one of those terms that everyone knows but few are those who know their meaning. That is why today we are going to explain what it is and what it is for .

What is the kernel and what is it for?

The kernel is the heart of every operating system. In fact, it is in charge of dealing with the proper functioning and understanding between software and hardware .

What Does the Kernel Do?

It is in charge of receiving the different orders from the OS elements to organize it and send them to the different hardware elements , be it memory, processor, etc…

What is the Android Kernel?

If you use Android and often ask yourself what is my Kernel? , the answer is very simple, since this operating system is based on Linux . Of course Android is not the only OS that uses Linux as Kernel , surely GNU (better known as GNU/Linux ) will sound familiar to you, which is associated with emblematic names such as Ubuntu and Debian .

The Linux Kernel used by Android is called “long-term support” (Long Term Support LTS in English) which are known with the following enumerations 3.4, 3.10 or 3.18.

The truth is that in Android , having a “long-term support” version ( although we believe that it is one step behind GNU/Linux devices which are usually updated frequently ), it is only updated when there is a stable version, so Which is to some extent an advantage.

How to Install a Kernel in Android 2023?

Installing a kernel on your phone is not highly recommended. Since as a general rule it usually comes in the firmware updates of our Smartphone .

So if you want to install a kernel on your cell phone you have two ways to do it:

  1. Wait for the OTA of the firmware of your phone .
  2. Install a Kernel via recovery such as TWRP .

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