What to do to locate a lost Bluetooth device?

Typically, there are several Bluetooth devices that we use frequently. Normally we have more than one active in our home and also in our car, as can be the case with the panel that we have on the right of the steering wheel.

At any time we can check that one or more than one of our Bluetooth devices is missing. We see, for example, that it does not appear in the list that we have on our computer that works with macOS or Windows.

All Bluetooth devices emit a signal that, in addition to being picked up by the computer, is also detected by iOS or Android mobile devices. Therefore, the best thing when one or more of these devices are lost is to resort to an application. We mean Wunderfind .

What does Wunderfind offer?

By staging Wunderfind we will see the list of all Bluetooth devices that are in the radius of action. Next to each one, the approximate distance between the mobile and the Bluetooth device will be shown, even if it is hidden or lost.

If we move, we will see that the indicated distance varies. To get more information about any of the Bluetooth devices, just tap on it in the app. As we move we will see that the intensity varies, reaching one hundred percent when we are close to it. If we move away, just the opposite happens.

It is clear that with the information always provided, with a little patience, we will be able to locate the Bluetooth device that was lost. In addition, in the event that an unknown device is displayed that we do not know where it is, it is normal that it is in another place, on a nearby floor or in another location.

To consider

Taking into account the above, we can deduce that the device radar shows all those that are nearby. Wunderfind for iOS and Android is compatible with Apple devices, with portable speakers, with a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit tracker, and with a few other elements.

What you have to take into account to use this app can be summarized in the following sections:

  • Open Wunderfind .
  • Select the device you want to find.
  • Move in a way that increases the displayed distance score.
  • Your device must be close to you.


Wunderfind is a free app that offers in-app purchases. As we have indicated, there are versions of it for iOS devices, which can be downloaded from the App Store , and also for Android devices, downloadable from Google Play .