What to do to prevent our account access passwords from being stolen

The risks to which all of us who browse the Internet are exposed are increasing. Every day, if we access websites that display relevant information on security issues, we will discover that different systems appear aimed at stealing information and other types of data from Internet users. For this reason, we must try to protect our computer or computer equipment in order to avoid attacks by well-known cybercriminals.

There are applications that are installed on your computer and that, every time you enter private data in your web browser, they are capable of capturing it to use it for criminal purposes. KeyScrambler is a tool that is installed as a browser extension and prevents keyloggers from taking action. In this way you will be able to log in without problems in web mail accounts, forums or social networks, as well as access bank accounts.

Prevent the performance of keyloggers

This application acts as a low-level controller between the keyboard and the browser and transparently encrypts any relevant information you type. If there is any keylogger active, it will only be able to record the encrypted data, which is of no use to it. KeyScrambler displays a small popup window in the corner of the browser stating that data typed on the keyboard is being encrypted.

No configuration required

You don’t need to do anything special to use this program, it works automatically whenever you use the web browser. KeyScrambler works, in its free version, in most web browsers, in all the best known. It includes the most popular ones, such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. There is a Professional version and a Premium version, with added values, which can also be used in other browsers, and which acts in real time. In addition, it is also capable of working with most cloud storage systems: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others. The paid versions also protect a large number of applications. They all work on the latest versions of Windows.

Access and more…

To download this application, you need to access KeyScrambler . With it you will always have your data protected. It uses a system of cryptographic algorithms that prevent the actions of keyloggers , even if the computer is infected. Users will be able to know when the program is operating, so it is possible to find out if there is any type of malware infection.