What To Do When A Battery Swells

It would not be the first case in which, either due to a defect in the battery or due to excessive heating due to a high-performance game, the battery ends up swelling . This happened to the owners of the Nvidia Shield Tablet (among which I include myself), in this article we are going to see what to do when a battery swells , since it is not to be taken lightly as it can be dangerous.

What does swollen battery mean?

This article, despite referring to the Android ecosystem, although it is true that the problem of swollen batteries can be found in a multitude of devices that use lithium batteries (Laptops, among others). The result is none other than the loss of effectiveness of the same, producing a deformation in the housing of the mobile in the rear part, being very dangerous .

Why does the cell phone battery swell?

The mobile battery usually swells due to manufacturing defects , misuse (either by not using the manufacturer’s charger or by limiting ourselves with the charging time ) or even by the age of the battery itself .

Swollen Battery Symptoms

The symptoms of a swollen battery are very easy to spot. The first thing that we will have to pay attention to is if it heats up excessively , this excess heat can decompensate it and swell it, causing the back cover to deform .

Another unmistakable symptom that the battery is swelling is that the back part begins to discolor giving a “burnt” sensation.

Precautionary Measures With Inflamed Battery

As the battery heats up, it will produce heat heating up the elements within the battery causing it to expand . When it expands , it will create some pressure on the casing, producing deformity and distortion .

Despite the safety measures incorporated by the engineers who deal with the batteries, it is never too much to know certain safety measures in the face of the possibility of a swollen battery .

Tips For A Swollen Battery

Some of the safety measures when we find an inflated battery are more common sense than anything else.

Never Throw An Inflated Battery In The Trash: This I think is common sense a battery is a very toxic thing. Always deposit unused batteries in a designated place.

Do Not Remove The Battery If It Is Not Removable: In the event that your battery is deformed and it is not removable, never try to remove it. In this case, go to a computer store or technical service to extract it, since it may seem silly but they can explode .

How to Fix My Swollen Battery

If your battery has been deformed, let me tell you that the technical service (if it is under warranty) will have to assess the result of this accident . So if it is under warranty, do not hesitate to take it if it has not been due to any negligence , they must respond .

In the event that it does not have a guarantee , take it to a trusted technical service and under no circumstances remove it yourself, they can explode .

Where to throw a swollen battery

Knowing where to throw a swollen battery is something very important, from here we recommend this website with clean battery points regarding your location. It works very well:

You will only have to put your postal code and it will tell you the location of the nearest clean point .

How To Prevent A Battery From Swelling

Perhaps your battery has reached the end of its useful life and it simply fails, although it is true that there are always measures to prevent it from igniting . In this way we will prolong its life as much as possible .

Do not leave your device charging for a long time: Although it is true that lithium batteries come with a chip to prevent overheating when they reach 100% , this system can sometimes fail, causing the battery to ignite due to excessive heat .

Always Use The Original Charger: Always use the charger that comes with your mobile, this will save you a lot of headaches in the face of future problems.

Replace The Battery: In case of any anomalous behavior, either due to a fall or because it does not charge well, do not hesitate to replace it.

Avoid Leaving The Device In Very Hot Areas: Better to operate with it in a cool and dry place.

What do you think of these tips? Has something similar ever happened to you? I would love to read your experience below in the comment box and know how you solved it. You can also help me by sharing this article on your social networks.