When I Connect My Mobile To PC ONLY CHARGE

If when connecting the mobile to the PC it only charges , don’t worry, it’s not some kind of error, neither your Smartphone nor your PC is broken . Next we will give you a simple solution to your concern about when I connect my mobile to the PC it only charges .

Why when I connect my mobile to the PC does it only charge?

We have already seen a tutorial on how to transfer photos from the mobile to the flash drive easily, but it is also possible that you simply want to transfer the photos from your terminal to the PC . The fact is that when connecting the mobile to the PC via USB, Windows does not recognize it . Therefore, it is perfectly normal for you to say… Wow , why does it only charge when I connect my cell phone to my PC? , I need to pass some photos!.

My PC Doesn’t Recognize My Samsung Mobile

This usually happens in a multitude of mobiles such as: Samsung, Huawei, BQ, Xiaomi . You should know that if I connect my cell phone to my PC and it only charges , it is because we must select from our mobile the use that we want to give to the USB connection , which by default is “Charge This Device” , in fact among all the uses that we can give the anchor via USB are the following:

  1. Charge this device.
  2. Transfer Files.
  3. Transfer Photos (PTP).
  4. Use device as MIDI.

Of all the options we have seen, to transfer photos from USB to the computer we need either “Transfer Files” or “Transfer Photos (PTP)” . Next we will tell you how to repair the error if my mobile does not recognize USB on the PC .

How to solve when I connect my mobile to the PC, it only charges?

The first thing we must do is connect the mobile to a PC with Windows 10, 8 or 7 via USB and immediately look at the screen of our Smartphone, something like the following appears:

  • Android System – Charging This Device Via USB (click on the message).

Once pressed, it will extend a little more and “Touch to see more options” will appear , we click on it again.

It is here where we can choose the use of the mobile USB anchor on the PC . Here we can choose if we want to transfer files or photos, load it or use it as MIDI .

Well I hope you have found the answer to your question about when I connect my Mobile to the PC it only charges . Remember that you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot… thank you!