Where Android Screenshots Are Saved

are one of the most useful techniques of all time as they allow us to have graphic proof of something we do NOT want to forget. The problem with taking a screenshot is that we don’t usually know where the screenshots are saved on Android . Do not worry, today we will see 2 ways to know where the screenshots are saved quickly.

To know where the screenshots are saved, access the gallery

This is the easiest method to know where the screens are saved . To do this we must go to “Gallery” .

In “Albums” we will see our different multimedia files categorized , be it WhatsApp images , Telegram, Download… the section that interests us is “Screenshot” , we enter inside.

This is where Android screenshots are saved .

In which folder are Android screenshots saved?

It is possible that you have taken screenshots but they are not reflected in “Gallery”, do not worry, we will see in which folder they are saved using a file explorer .

Download A File Explorer

If you do not have any native application to navigate between your files , here is an article with the best file managers for Android , any will work for you!

Where the screenshots go

We enter our file explorer and look for the “Picture” folder .

Within this folder we look for one that says “ScreenShots” , as in the photo.

This is where the screenshots we take with our Android smartphone are saved.

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