Where Windows 10 Wallpapers Are Saved

One of the most used and at the same time loved functions of any operating system is to use wallpapers . This is undoubtedly a good way to give a distinctive and original touch to our device since it is a simple and free way to easily personalize our computer, tablet, laptop or Smartphone . This resource is something that Microsoft has always known how to use very wisely and that is that in its Store we can download beautiful wallpapers for our PC, in fact, they are so cool that sometimes we would like to know where the Windows 10 wallpapers are stored to be able to port them to other devices. And that is precisely the reason that has brought you to this MrAppsGeek tutorial., because you want to know in which folder the Windows 10 wallpapers are , well, I will tell you so that you can access their location easily and quickly .

Where do I find Windows 10 Wallpapers?

You have downloaded a very cool background for your PC and you would like to put it on your Smartphone. The problem is that you do not know where Windows 10 saves the wallpapers . Although this folder may be somewhat hidden, you will see how easy it is to access it, we just have to enter the following path:

  • C:WindowsWeb

To do this, we only have to open the File Explorer and reach the path indicated above. If we have carried out the steps correctly, we will know that we are where the Windows 10 wallpapers are saved because we will see 3 folders.

  • 4K.
  • screen.
  • Wallpaper.

Where are the desktop wallpapers in Windows 10?

Would you like to know where the native Windows 10 wallpapers are stored ? Well, you just have to enter the following path:

  • C:WindowsWeb4KWallpaperWindows

It is in the 4K cover where we will find the wallpapers that come by default in Windows 10.

What Is The Screen Folder In Windows 10?

Finally, it should be noted that the “Screen” folder contains the photos that our operating system uses at login and on the lock screen .

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