WizTree, disk space analyzer

On our computer’s hard drive there are a few folders and files that take up a significant size, a lot of space. With WizTree we can quickly locate both folders and files, using an exclusive method for it, different from the one used by tools with similar characteristics .

It does not work by performing a complete scan of the entire disk, but rather it acts directly on the master table of NTFS files and other formats, which means that the results are almost instantaneous, even if the disks are of great capacity.

Locate files and folders on your hard drive with WizTree

The results are displayed in the form of a tree, with the folders grouped and organized by size. It also includes a tab that is used to display the first 1,000 files, if they exist, the largest. In the event that you find a file that you no longer need, you can right-click on it and delete it in order to recover disk space.

Disks and network connections

WizTree works with disks formatted as NTFS, NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 files, among others. It also works with network connections. Due to the algorithms it uses, it works with all formats. In the NTFS format, it reads the hard drive’s Master File Table (MFT) directly from the drive. It is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows.


Among its characteristics, the following stand out:

  • Find the files and folders that are using the most space on your hard drive.
  • It works very fast. Its managers say that they believe it is the fastest application of its kind that exists.
  • Finds the 1,000 largest files, if any, stored on the hard drive.
  • Sorts the contents of the entire hard drive by folder size and optionally deletes files and folders. You have to be very careful when deleting files and not do it with those that are fundamental to the operation of the system.

Added in the latest versions

The following changes have been made in the latest versions:

  • Fixed crashes in the 64-bit version, where certain messages were displayed on some computers.
  • WizTree CSV files exported via the ” export to CSV ” option can now be imported and viewed. Select “<CSV File>” in the selection combo box (or press Shift + F3) to select a CSV file to import.
  • Windows 10 high resolution support is available. (WizTree will scale correctly on high DPI monitors.)
  • Fixed system for resizing shape while active treemap redraws entire treemap continuously causing slowdown.
  • The portable version will now use the default Windows language (if supported by WizTree) instead of using the default English.

access and download

To get this application you have to access WizTree . There is an installable and a portable version of it. Supported languages ​​include Spanish. It runs smoothly on the latest versions of Windows.