WonderFox Photo Watermark, to add watermarks to images

When we browse the Internet and access the image section of Google or other similar services, we find that some of them have a watermark printed with a certain title or distinctive graphic. The meaning of this addition is so that the image or images cannot be used by other users. It is a way to protect these files so that they are shared.

To add a watermark to one or several images, it is best to use a specialized application. Along these lines is  WonderFox Photo Watermark , a powerful tool that provides everything necessary to carry out what is indicated to a good end. It works at high speed providing high quality watermarks.


Among the features that accompany  WonderFox Photo Watermark, the following stand out:

  • Marks can be made using text, an image, or a frame. They are created using a layer overlaid on the original image.
  • The watermark template design is highly flexible.
  • It includes powerful batch processing, allowing you to add watermarks to 100 photos in 1 minute.
  • More than 150 watermark materials are available for free.
  • Supports the creation of a custom library of watermarks.
  • You can easily crop, resize and rename the photo.
  • Support is included for converting between different image formats.

Why use WonderFox Photo Watermark?

An application like this should be accessible to all people and companies that create original images and share them on the Internet, on web pages, on social networks and other services. The watermark will protect them against the illegal use of said images. This will prevent them from being copied and disseminated in other media, which have nothing to do with the author or authors of the same.

To consider

The ideal is to add a watermark that includes a portion of text, referring to the author or authors of the image, accompanied by an icon or other graphic that serves as a distinctive element. Ideally, add a custom logo. The entire adding process is done quickly and easily, as we have pointed out above.

WonderFox Photo Watermark adds a powerful image editor. In addition to everything indicated to add the watermark, there is also the possibility of cropping the images, modifying their size or adding a new name. It also allows the addition of paintings, to choose from a large number of models.


In addition to what has already been indicated, we must focus on something very important, the ability that the application offers to make the same change, the same watermark, in several photos at the same time. In one minute you can add a watermark to a total of 100 photos. The program also allows you to save the established settings to be applied to other photos at any time.


To get this application you have to access WonderFox Photo Watermark . It is not a free application, but it is possible to download a trial copy, in order to use it and get to know all its features.