Xbox Game Pass Is It Worth It?

Streaming platforms are a trend that is booming, proof of this is that it is increasingly common for users to sign up for Netflix , Disney Plus , Dazn or Amazon Prime Video . This is a train that companies like Google do not want to miss since they see that they can bring this technology to the level of video games. In fact, it has been a while since they embarked on Google Stadia , a project that allowed a multitude of games to be played in the cloud on practically any device . Nvida joined “this bandwagon” with its cloud gaming service called Gforce Now, but… what about Microsoft? Well, it has also joined this trend with its Xbox Game Pass platform , do you want to know how it works and if it’s worth it? Well, I encourage you to read this article on MrAppsGeek .

What is the Xbox Game Pass and what does it consist of?

It could be summarized as a kind of “Netflix of video games” which we can play via Streaming (directly from the cloud without installing anything) for a monthly subscription .

It should be noted that the Xbox Game Pass catalog is made up of more than 100 Microsoft license titles which we can play natively on our consoles or PCs and even on any device (whether mobile phones, tablets or Android TVs ) that have a connection to the Internet through cloud play.

For example, you can play Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox with the touch screen of your phone (also connected to a controller) from the cloud . It could be said that it is as if you are watching a movie of a video game interactively since it is running on a real Xbox remotely, offering us the possibility of controlling it over the Internet from the mobile.

What types of Xbox Game Pass exist?

According to its official website , there are 3 different types of subscription:

Xbox Game Pass Console

It costs 1 Euro for the first month and €9.99 from the second month .

  • Over 100 Microsoft licensed console games.
  • New games being added constantly.
  • You can enjoy the games on the first day of release.
  • Discounts and offers for members.

Xbox Game Pass PC

It costs 1 Euro for the first month and €9.99 from the second month .

  • Enjoy more than 100 Microsoft licensed games on PC.
  • New games being added constantly.
  • Microsoft Studios titles from the same day of release.
  • Discounts and offers for members.
  • ea games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

It costs 1 Euro for the first month and €12.99 from the second month .

  • Enjoy more than 100 Microsoft licensed games on console, PC and mobile devices.
  • New games added regularly.
  • Microsoft titles from the same day they are released.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers.
  • You can play in the cloud.
  • Free rewards, DLCs and partner offers.
  • ea games.

Differences Between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

The normal service costs 9.99 euros compared to the Ultimate that costs 12.99 euros (it should be noted that both subscriptions cost 1 euro for the first month).

Of the 2 , the best is undoubtedly the Ultimate since it allows you to play titles from the cloud on your mobile , it is as if you had a portable Xbox on your mobile . If you don’t believe me here I leave you a video where I show you how I play Xbox Halo Infinite on my mobile using this service.

The Best Offer Xbox Game Pass Ultimate At 1 Euro 2023

To sign up for Ultimate for 1 Euro you can do it directly through the official Xbox page through the following link .

Xbox Game Pass Is it worth it in 2023?

The truth is that it is quite worth having the Xbox Game Pass service since, for example, you can connect your mobile to your TV by following this tutorial and play any Xbox game with a controller connected to your mobile .

How to play the Xbox Game Pass game in the cloud from the mobile 2023

Once we have the Game Pass application installed on our device, we will only have to connect a controller to it and follow these steps:

  1. We select the titles available in the “Cloud” .
  2. We choose a compatible game and enjoy.

I hope this article has clarified your doubts about whether this service is worth it or not . You can leave me a comment expressing your opinion about this service, I would love to read you. Do not forget that you would help me a lot if you share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much!