You may have new messages on WhatsApp SOLUTION

It is likely that from time to time you have been able to receive the following message related to the most used messaging client by all. The error message would be the following: “You may have new messages on WhatsApp.

Once we enter this notification we realize that we have received WhatsApp messages but they have arrived at the time of entering the same app .

The curious thing about this WhatsApp error message is that it usually occurs over data and never under a WiFi network .

Fix You May Have New Messages

As we have already said above, as a general rule, people tend to use a WiFi network more because it is free than our own data . The fact is that this error does not occur under a WiFi network and if under a mobile data network. This leads us to the conclusion that the solution to “you may have new messages” in WhatsApp will be in the mobile network settings .

And it is that we already made a post on how to solve notifications in MIUI where one of the possible solutions is the one that we are going to give below .

You May Have New Messages Remove

The truth is that I had to find out this solution by myself since I suffered it on my device . The good thing is that it only reproduced the message “you may have new messages” in WhatsApp under data so I started to investigate.

Disable Data Saver Option

To remove the error “you may have new messages” in WhatsApp and receive notifications under the data network, the first thing you will have to do is deactivate the data saving option . To do so, you just have to follow the following steps:

Go to settings on your device. Look for the “mobile data” or “data usage” option .

Check if you have the “data saving” option activated if it is activated. Deactivate it . This will enable the “Unrestricted background data option . ” In Xiaomi, for example, there is how to “allow data in the background” .

The problem that you may have new messages in WhatsApp is already solved. If you have any questions you can always comment below in comments, I promise to answer . I would really appreciate it if you share this tutorial , thanks for your time!