Zenchat, a messaging service with task management

It is not the only one that exists, I mean a chat service , designed for people to communicate through the network. Along these lines, Zenchat began its journey nearly two years ago , a service that, as indicated in the title of this article, is designed to establish messaging communications that also includes task management.

All those who want to try this service, the best thing they can do is register by clicking on the button at the top. After carrying out the registration process, it is best to create a free account. To activate the registration, you can use an email address or use any of the platforms indicated on the page.

What does Zenchat offer?

Something that we must take into account when using Zenchat is its ability to combine messages with scheduled tasks. The tool takes care of controlling both aspects. With this, with the combination of chat and tasks, communication is complete. You will never need to resort to external elements to efficiently transmit everything you want.

You just have to choose a topic, or more than one, among those offered, and talk, without problems and without loss of content, about everything you want. With this system we will avoid talking about what we do not need, since everything is perfectly structured. This brings with it that there is never a waste of time.

The topics or tasks will help to establish communications in which there is no waste of time, since everything will be perfectly structured. The participants in a chat will not dedicate themselves to talking for the sake of talking, they will always focus on what is specified.

To consider

Although this is a service that can be used by all kinds of people, it is actually designed for businesses. Its purpose, as we have already pointed out, is communication, and this is something very necessary among the managers and workers of any public and private entity. We cannot disdain educational centers in the group, where, especially in the times we are living in, communication between teachers and students is essential.

Those responsible for this tool tell us the following about it: « Communication is perhaps the most powerful tool we have and one of the most pleasant and natural things to do. As a central part of our productivity suite, we want to offer a seamless messaging platform for your team. Secure, reliable, and completely controlled by your organization, Zenchat is enterprise-ready and focused on a great user experience .”


To know all the features of this service you have to access Zenchat . It is possible to create, as we have indicated, a personal account, at no cost, designed for family and friends, or a paid account, with more options. In this second group there are three models, with different prices and features.

There are desktop versions for computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is also possible to download apps for mobile devices, for Android and also for iOS.